Cybersecurity Awareness for the non-Cybersecurity 99%

99% of your workforce isn’t into Cybersecurity. They do sales, marketing, development and cool things. And, they are the preferred target of cybercriminals. At Security Quotient, every day, we enable the 99% with powerful, interactive Cybersecurity awareness training.

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Avoid the hassles of buying courses and managing learning infrastructure. Get your own dedicated, secure, scalable, cloud­hosted, Cybersecurity Training platform. Subscribe to select courses. Train, assess and certify from 10s to 1000s of users.

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Subscribe to rich, engaging Cybersecurity e­Learning Courses from our library. Choose role­specific training for End Users or Senior Management. Else, choose compliance specific PCI DSS or GDPR courses. Looking for more? Select Information Security courses for the Banking or Oil & Gas industry.

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Train from 10s to 1000s of users on your own dedicated, scalable, cloud-­hosted platform. Ask users to self-enroll by sharing your dedicated URL. Else, choose direct enrollment by uploading a user list. Launch courses in quick time and get the training rolling.

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All courses come integrated with pre­built assessments to test learners. Each assessment draws from a vast pool of curated Cybersecurity quizzes. Questions come structured as a single answer, multiple answers, fill in the blanks etc.

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Reward every successful learner ­ award certificates embedded with your Company logo. Our design team will create and attach certificate templates on the training platform. Certificates will be auto­-generated on course completion.

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Why choose Security Quotient?

A platform tailor­made for Cybersecurity Awareness Training

We are a Cybersecurity Company. We only do Cybersecurity Awareness and Behaviour Modification Training. And, when it comes to End User training, we understand the challenges facing a Cybersecurity Manager, better than anyone else.

Relevant and updated content

Cyber attacks evolve. Cybersecurity Managers need relevant and updated content to keep end users on their toes.

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Library of courses

Choose courses based on user roles, industry and compliance

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Reports are evidence of training for auditors, regulators and Senior Management. We’ve got it covered.

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Ease of Delivery

Avoid the hassles of integrating and managing a Learning infrastructure. Enrol and deliver training to 1000s of users with ease.

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Secure & Scalable platform

No shared platforms. Scale from 10s to 1000s of users on a dedicated, virtual platform with industry-­grade security.

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The power of Behaviour Modification Training

Behaviour changes through experiences.

We deliver experience­-focused training using the time-testedLearning by Doing method.

We use the time­-tested Learning by Doing method to deliver Cybersecurity experiences through our courses to influence positive change in behaviour. Each experience is a thoughtfully crafted 3D simulation that recreates real Cybersecurity Risks. The learner experiences a risk through immersion, analysis, decision and outcome.

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Human Impact Management for Information Security (HIMIS).

First published in 2010, HIMIS is an open methodology for implementing a Security Awareness and Behaviour Management program.

HIMIS is a methodology to reduce information security risks that occur due to human mistakes. To achieve this objective, HIMIS views the human factor as two distinct, but interdependent components, viz. “awareness” and “behaviour”. Awareness is “to know”, and behaviour is “to do or to react”.

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We are hiring.

There’s something beautifully inspiring about the way we blend Cybersecurity with Creative Design to create beautiful learning experiences. We are always on the lookout for talented and curious people who wish to do things differently.

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