We don’t do off-the-shelf

We build what our clients need


I’m Thomas.

For more than a decade, the factor that has endeared us to clients is our ability to create Cybersecurity and Compliance training content that is precisely aligned with the business requirements. This has often meant that we resist the temptation of product-ifying our services. But, we are glad that we never did. A decade later our list of clientele from 22 countries is a testimony to the fact that personalised, tailor-made, content creation has value.

Please feel free to reach me directly to discuss more about how Security Quotient can help you deliver tailor-made Cybersecurity, Risk and Compliance awareness programs.

Thomas Kurian
Head – Information Security and Compliance

We follow the Agile methodology

With more than a decade of experience in customized Cybersecurity and Compliance Awareness content creation, we embrace an important truth РUnpredictability.  Similar to software development, content development usually varies from pre-defined project plans at every stage of iteration. Hence, we use the Agile methodology, the hallmark of which is, consistent, continuous, client interaction along-with feedback gathering.

Our Agile approach can be summarised as follows:

  • Delivering the project is more important than winning the contract
  • Focus more on interactions and feedback-gathering instead of processes and tools
  • A training product that delights end-users is the sign of project success
  • Respond quickly to changes rather than sticking to a rigid plan

What next?

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