The Human Factor Full-Stack

Everything you need to drive responsible Cybersecurity culture at your workplace. Customised or built from scratch.

The Human Factor Full-Stack is a complete suite of Cybersecurity training, assessments, certification, periodic advisories, learning platform and data analytics. Designed to foster positive Cybersecurity culture, the Full-Stack is customizable for each client.

What is in the stack?

Cybersecurity Training

Human Factor Full Stack- e-learning courses

Immersive e-learning courses

How to go beyond theoretical training?

Inspire and educate end-users with the power of 3D cyber-risk simulations. Explore a new dimension of Cybersecurity learning that is more visual and minimal text.

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Human Factor Full Stack- Micro-learning

Micro-learning for busy knowledge workers

Worried that your workforce has low attention spans?

Micro-learning is byte-sized Cybersecurity content with low cognitive memory load. Designed for those who tax their mind with thinking, analysing and problem solving.

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Integrated Assessments

How do you measure the impact of training?

Rest easy. Security Quotient courses have assessments in-between and at the end of courses. Assessment scores are reported to the LMS using SCORM, AICC or TIN-CAN APIs

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Cybersecurity Baseline Assessments

Is your workforce ready to face cyber-attacks?

Evaluate the Cybersecurity competence of your workforce using basline assessments. The category-wise reporting highlights strong and weak areas.

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Training Platform with Analytics

Human Factor Full Stack-Cybersecurity Training Platform

Training Platform

Worried about launching, tracking and managing training?

Get your own dedicated, secure, cloud-hosted learning management platform. Customise with your corporate branding. Fully managed by us.

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Human Factor Full Stack-Data analytics

Data Analytics

Need data to make better cyebrsecurity decisions?

Our data analytics team will capture your requirements and design custom data analysis reports and dashboards. Go ahead and gain deep insight into cybersecuirty strengths and weakness of end-users.

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How is the Full-Stack implemented for each client?

Human Factor Full-stack implemented for each client

For each client, we customise the Human Factor Full-Stack. Else, we build the components from scratch. This means each client gets the training, assessment, platform and analytics that is perfectly in alignment with their goals.

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