The IT or IT-enabled services industry relies on technology to store, retrieve and transmit data. So they must remain vigilant against the rising frequency of cyber attacks in the digital space. Since their work depends on technologies, devices, software, and networks, the IT workforce must take necessary measures to safeguard against exploitation, considering the interconnected nature of data in their sector.

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Why the absence of security awareness training is a threat to the IT/ITeS industry?

Due to the high cyber security risks in the IT/ITeS industry, companies must provide their workforce with regular and effective security awareness training to mitigate such risks. The lack of such training can make the workforce ill-equipped to identify and prevent security breaches, making them vulnerable to cyber attacks such as data breaches and malware infections. These threats can severely impact the company’s systems and put sensitive data at risk. Thus, to safeguard against cyber attacks, it is essential to provide cyber security awareness training to the workforce.

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