Right intelligence to power the right cyber security decisions

Inferra gives you on-time cyber security intelligence to help you choose the correct training for each job role.

Why Inferra?

Explore all the features of Security Quotient’s cyber security intelligence tool.


Almost zero gap between event and intelligence.


Focus on the data that truly matters.


Intelligence mapped to your organization’s risk profile.


Less text and more visuals for easy comprehension.


Make quick cyber security decisions by getting intelligence data as soon as a cyber event occurs worldwide.

Customized Intelligence

Get the intelligence that truly matters by customising and prioritising alerts to fit your organization’s industry, risk profile and compliance obligations.

Mapped to roles and training

By mapping intelligence to job roles, Inferra provides focused cyber security training recommendations for each role rather than a one-size fits all approach.

Accelerate security awareness with micro-learning

Make security awareness training quick, engaging, and low-stress.

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