Moving beyond Security Awareness and onward with Security Competence

While Security Awareness is important, the focus on Competence ensures that the employee has real Cyber Security skills that can be applied in a Cyber Risk situation. Awareness is know-how of a fact or situation. Whereas, competence is a specific range of skill, knowledge or ability. To develop a ..Read more

Security Awareness + Empathy works well

It is often said that humans are the weakest link in the security chain. I believe it is a statement of convenience, bereft of understanding and empathy. If you are to succeed in building a Cyber Security competent workforce, Cyber Security practitioners must stay away from conveniently positioning ..Read more

Can Cybersecurity Experiences influence Behaviour Change?

Exploring the power of the time-tested Learning by Doing method to influence positive Cybersecurity Behaviour. Learning by doing is a time tested method. This method applies the principle of learning through experiences. Experience-based learning differentiates itself in one critical aspect ..Read more