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Discover role-based security awareness micro-learning

Explore the power of pocket-sized lessons. Empower your busy workforce with microlearning.

Benefits of micro-learning

Once your workforce experiences micro-learning, you will notice a positive change in cyber security culture.


Lessons that are less than 2 minutes


Security awareness round-the-year


One topic at a time.

Low cognitive load

Less stress on the brain.

Interactive and assessment-driven

With the learning experiences designed around interactive questions, learners are continuously challenged to remain engaged with the content on the screen.

One objective at a time

Zero-stress learning with one cyber security learning objective at a time ensures that learners aren’t overwhelmed or stressed.

Gamification with points and badges

By awarding points that accumulate into badges, learners remain motivated to return and accomplish more cyber security learning milestones.

Discover a wide array of micro-learning topics

From malware to phishing and privacy to deep fakes, we have you covered.




Remote work



Accelerate security awareness with micro-learning

Make security awareness training quick, engaging, and low-stress.

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