Transform human cyber security behaviour.

Build a cyber-resilient workforce with risk-based, gamified training and persistent, round-the-year security awareness.

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Gamified Security Awareness Courses

In English and Arabic

Immersive, deep cyber security learning to foster positive cyber security behavior.

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Anti-Phishing Training

Equip your team with the tools to outsmart phishing attacks through our cutting-edge anti-phishing training services, ensuring a fortified defence against evolving cyber threats.

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Managed Phishing Assessments

Managed Phishing Assessments

A fully managed service to proactively reveal phishing blindspots, reinforce your security controls and fortify anti-phishing resilience in your workforce.

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Gamified anti-phishing training.

Gamified Anti-Phishing Training

Equip your team with skills to combat phishing through interactive, gamified anti-phishing simulations in a secure learning environment.

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Security Awareness Nuggets

Explore the power of reinforcement learning with monthly awareness nuggets through micro-learning videos, infographic emailers and security awareness games.

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Micro-learning Videos

Bite-sized, quick and efficient security awareness training.

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Security Awareness Games

Make security awareness training interactive and engaging.

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Infographic Emailers

Deliver concise and visually engaging cyber security insights.

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Security Awareness Month, October 2023

Security Awareness Month, October 2023

Start fostering positive Cyber Security Behaviour this October with the Human Cyber Defense Toolkit by Security Quotient.

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Managed Security Awareness Services

From Design to Delivery to Analysis and Optimization, let Security Quotient manage your annual cyber security awareness and behavior management program.

Private Learning Platform

Preferred AWS Region

Dedicated Client Manager

Priority Support Desk

Guarantee-driven SLAs

Customization/ Translation

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Managed Security Awareness Services


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