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Secure prompting of AI – assistants

In today’s world, where AI assistants are ubiquitous, safeguarding sensitive information has become paramount. This short micro learning course is designed to equip employees across all roles and industries with the essential knowledge to protect sensitive data.

Employees will learn the importance of concealing personal details—such as names, addresses, and financial information—when interacting with AI tools. This course delves into the potential risks associated with exposing sensitive data and provides practical strategies for mitigating these risks.

Employees will gain confidence in using AI assistants by understanding secure AI prompting techniques that ensure organizational privacy is maintained. Through this engaging module, participants will recognize common pitfalls in AI interactions, practice secure data handling methods, and understand the best practices for safe AI usage.

By the end of this microlearning course, employees will be empowered with the skills and awareness necessary for safe AI usage, effectively utilizing AI tools securely and contributing to a culture of privacy and security within their organization. Emphasis on safe AI usage will be a key takeaway, ensuring that secure AI prompting becomes a standard practice.




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