Nimmy Susan Shaji

Associate Project Manager – Delivery

Nimmy has been working as an Associate Project Manager at Security Quotient since August 2023, a position she stepped into immediately after completing a Master’s degree in Computational Linguistics. With an academic foundation rooted in a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature, Nimmy brings a unique blend of linguistic insight and project management acumen to her team. At Security Quotient, she leads cross-functional teams focusing on mitigating risks and ensuring the delivery of projects that meet the highest quality standards. Nimmy harbors a deep-seated passion for content writing and research within the cyber security domain. Her work is characterized by a commitment to demystifying complex concepts for her audience, making cyber security more accessible and understandable. Her unique skill set not only enhances project outcomes but also enriches the knowledge base of her readers in the ever-evolving field of cyber security.

Recent articles authored by Nimmy

Operational Technology

How to Design and Deliver an OT Cyber Security Training Course?

Organizations dealing with operational technology typically have a diverse range of roles, from engineers and technicians to administrative staff and management. Each group has different levels of interaction with OT systems and, consequently, varying needs for cyber security knowledge.

Equipping OT staff with the knowledge and skills to recognize phishing attempts and other social engineering tactics can significantly improve the organization’s security posture.

Operational Technology

Top 5 Commonly Found Risks in OT Cyber Security

As operational technology becomes increasingly reliant on internet-facing systems, its cyber security risks have grown more severe and complex. While cyber security experts have been warning about these risks for years, the adoption of adequate measures has been relatively slow, resulting in numerous incidents affecting critical systems and infrastructure.

Operational Technology

Why is OT Cyber Security Important?

Traditionally, OT security mainly focused on ensuring the physical safety and functionality of machines across various locations. But, thanks to the increasing integration with IT, factory operations are more reliant on digital technologies, opening up a plethora of cyber risks.