Operational Risk Management Awareness Training Course for End Users

A well-crafted course that is oriented towards the BFSI industry, providing a broad overview of the possible impact caused by inefficient or failed systems and processes.

Operational Risk is quite broad, with specific niches for each risk domains. Hence, the course is structured to provide an overview of various Operational Risk elements.

The course uses practical, interactive, real-life scenarios, to enable the learner to experience various risk elements. Further, the learner is briefed on essential safeguards and best practices to mitigate these risks.

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Course overview

The course introduces the learner to the definition of Operational Risk. Following the introduction, the learner explores case studies of operational failures that resulted in risk manifestation and exposure. The course continues to brief the learner on systems, procedures and cultural aspects required to manage Operational Risk successfully.

What will you learn?

Introduction to Operational Risk 

What is Operational Risk? 

Operational Risk – Case study 

Elements of Operational Risk 

Operational Risk Event Analysis 

What is Operational Risk Event Analysis? 

Operational Risk Event Categories 

Basel Operational Risk Event Categories 

Case study 

Operational Risk Management 

What is Operational Risk Management? 

Operational Risk Management cycle 

Risk Identification Tools 

Risk Assessment 

Managing Operational Risk 

Breach of confidentiality – Case study 

Vendor Risk – Case study 

How to manage operational risk? 

Summary & Assessment 



Learning time

15 minutes



Target audience

End user

Web format


Device compatibility

Mobile and PC

Package format



Human voice**


Mandatory, 80% to pass***

*Other language translations are available on request
**Added on client request
***Assessment scores are reported by the course to the Learning Management System. Reports are generated by the Learning Management System.

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