Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) training course

All organizations that process cards should maintain the confidentiality of their cardholder data. Having employees that are well versed in PCI DSS compliance will be an asset to your organization. Our fully customizable ‘Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards’ training module will help your employees to have a comprehensive understanding of the PCI DSS standards they must adhere to keep your customer data secure and confidential.

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Why this course?

PCI DSS compliance is necessary for every organization that manages payment card data. A compromise of cardholder data, which all card processing businesses must keep confidential, will tarnish an organization’s reputation. For any card processing company to remain competitive and avoid such circumstances, it is imperative to build a workforce that understands the threats caused by data theft and misuse. Through this interactive and well-crafted e-learning module, your employees will be introduced to card data, followed by a comprehensive overview of the PCI DSS standards and their components. 

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Deliver this course to a wide segment of your workforce.

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The course content

Section 1

Overview of PCI DSS 

This section introduces you to PCI DSS, the PCI Security Standards, PCI DSS requirements and real case studies of PCI DSS related security incidents. 

Fig: PCI DSS section 1 sample

Section 2

Cardholder data and data route  

This section takes you through the definitions of Cardholder Data and Data route. It also gives an insight into the data route diagram and storing cardholder data. 

Fig: PCI DSS section 2 sample

Section 3

Risks to cardholder data  

This section discusses the cardholder information cyber criminals seek and the attack tactics or strategies attackers may use, including malware, phishing, fake websites, and ATM or POS attacks, with quizzes included in each section for a better understanding.  

Fig: PCI DSS section 3 sample

Section 4

PCI DSS compliance  

This section starts with a case study of data leakage due to internal error. It then describes why it is essential to be PCI-DSS compliant and PCI DSS compliance best practices.  

Fig: PCI DSS section 4 sample

Section 5

Summary and Assessment 

Mandatory assessment with a minimum pass score as determined by the organization. 

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LMS compatible

The course runs on any standard LMS that supports SCORM, AICC or TINCAN


Mobile friendly

Responsive course with HTML5 as the underlying technology


Learning time

The course has an approximate learning time of 25-35 minutes.

Customize this course

Unlike off-the-shelf courses, customized content connects well with employees. At Security Quotient, we perfectly align training content with the organization’s security policies, brand guidelines and cultural nuances. Further, we translate the course to the native language spoken by the end-users along-with audio narration by native language speakers.

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions regarding PCI-DSS.

PCI DSS. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a widely accepted set of policies 

and requirements that enhance the security of payment card data.

Cardholder data is any personally identifiable data associated with a cardholder. This could be a card number or PAN (Primary Account Number), name, expiration date, CVV number etc.

The route followed by the cardholder information when the customer attempts to perform a card transaction (online shopping, ATM withdrawal), which is then accepted/declined by the bank.

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