End-users play a crucial role in the functioning of an organisation, but they are also the weakest link in cybersecurity. To strengthen the defense against cyber threats, it is imperative to provide cyber awareness training to all team members to help them acquire the crucial cyber security skills relevant to their job roles. By doing so, employees can gain essential cybersecurity skills and knowledge, strengthening the organisation’s defense against cyber attacks.

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Why is end-user cyber security awareness important?

Organisations’ most valuable resource is their data, and the growing value of data is the primary reason for the increase in cybercrime. As an initial step against cybercrime, organisations must prepare their employees to combat these cyberattacks.  End-user cyber security awareness reduces human error, provides a front-line defense against cyber attacks, meets regulatory compliance requirements, and mitigates risk. Organizations benefit from end-users having awareness about cyber security because they can better identify and respond to threats.

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