Micro-learning for Security Awareness

Quick, short and continuous training for busy workers.

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The benefits of micro-learning

1. We are knowledge workers.

Our work involves learning, remembering, problem-solving and paying attention. The memory that we use for these tasks is known as cognitive memory (working memory).

2. Heavy workload taxes our cognitive memory.

When cognitive load increases, our ability to pay sustained attention to a task decreases.

3. Traditional training overloads cognitive memory

As a result, learning retention and subsequent application of the learning are poor.

4. Micro-learning reduces cognitive stress

With more visuals and minimal text, micro-learning allows for more retention and better subsequent application.



SCORM, AICC and TIN-CAN compatible


Immersive learning with Cyber Security Risk simulations


Integrated with quizzes to assess learning

Comprehensive topics

Wide coverage with a variety of Cybersecurity topics

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