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Off-the-shelf is never a perfect fit. We customise or build solutions from scratch to accomplish each client's Cybersecurity goals.

How we work?

Our simple work-flow enables clients to choose what they need, customise or build from scratch

Cybersecurity Culture

We'll begin by setting your Cybersecurity culture goals

Training Platform

We'll map the goals to training courses, advisories, assessments, learning platform and analytics (optional)

Custom solutions

We'll deliver a custom-made solution that aligns with your goals

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Why we customise or build from scratch?

Customise or build from scratch/*

Imagine two companies. In the same industry, working out of the same building. The CISOs of these companies are planning a Cybersecurity awareness program. Theoretically, they can do with the same training content. Right? No.Wrong

The industry might be the same. The culture is different. Culture is often set from the top and flows downwards. Culture influences communication.

Therefore, when we design Cybersecurity training programs, we approach it as a culture-building exercise. Everything that we touch and design, we customise it to fit the client's culture.


1. What does Security Quotient do?

Security Quotient is Cybersecurity service provider. Our mission is to reduce human-related Cybersecurity risks due to poor awareness and skills.

We pursue this mission by enabling organisations to build a positive Cybersecurity culture. Communication is an important part of culture. We use Cybersecurity training as an opportunity to enable CISOs and Cybersecurity teams to engage with end-users through positive communication.

Our services cover Cybersecurity training, assessments, periodic advisories, learning platforms and analytics.

2. What makes Security Quotient different?

We approach Cybersecurity as a culture, not a product. Our responsibility is to enable organizations to build responsible Cybersecurity culture.

Hence, our mandate is beyond Cybersecurity training. We see training as an opportunity to engage the CISOs and Cybersecurity Teams with each other.

Since culture is unique, we never sell off-the-shelf Cybersecurity training content. We customise or build solutions from scratch.

3. What is the Human Factor Full-stack?

The Human Factor Full-Stack is everything an organization needs to start building responsible Cybersecurity culture. The stack consists of;

1. Training: e-Learning and micro-learning courses

2. Periodic advisories

3. Assessments

4. Learning platform

5. Analytics

Each component of the stack is customizable or built from scratch to meet client needs.

4. How can I explore the Human Factor Full-stack?

You can start by creating a free account. The free plan showcases examples of all the components in the stack.

You can contact us anytime to build custom solutions.

5. Is there a free trial period?

Yes, a free 30-day trial for up to 10 users is available.

6. Where can I get pricing information?

Please contact us. Our client engagement manager will get in touch with you at the earliest.

7. Can I get more information?

Please contact us. and we shall be delighted to offer as much information and assistance as possible.

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