Cyber Security Awareness through Internal Collaboration Platforms

Internal communication and collaboration platforms such as Teams, Slack and Asana are excellent mediums for Cyber Security Awareness and Behavior Training.

Cyber Security Awareness using Internal Collaboration and Communication Platforms like Teams, Slack and Asana

Fig 1 – Cyber Security Awareness using content optimized for internal collaboration
platforms like Teams, Asana and Slack.

Collaboration Platforms increase Reach and Engagement

Commonsense dictates that Security Awareness training content must be visible where the employees congregate. With the advent of internal collaboration platforms like Teams, Slack, Asana and Facebook Workplace, it makes absolute sense to use these platforms to deliver content and engage the end user. With email slowly taking a backseat, the time is ripe to exploit the opportunities offered by these platforms.

Shifting from Communication to Conversations

While emails are ubiquitous and will be around, they don’t drive conversations. Emails are essentially one-to-one or one-to-many whereas collaboration platforms are conversation driven. Security Awareness training will work very well when driven through conversations. Cyber Security Managers can post byte-sized micro-learning content on such platforms and start conversations that will drive more awareness.

The Solution

Security Quotient enables organizations to maximize the potential of internal collaboration platforms for Security Awareness training. We accomplish this through micro-learning content, behavior-focused approach, integration of OGP (Open Graph Protocol) and in-depth customization.


Collaboration platforms work well with byte-sized content that is short, focused and fast. Security Quotient specializes in creating micro-learning content in the form of Infographics, Videos and Interactive/ Gamified Learning Modules.

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Behavior-focused Approach

Security Quotient’s training content are designed from the ground-up to inculcate positive Cyber Security Behavior in the learner. We accomplish this by using the time-tested Learning by Doing method.

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Open Graph Protocols help in rendering links visually and increasing clicks

Integrating Open Graph Protocol (OGP)

OGP helps in rendering and visualizing links, thus increasing user engagement. Studies have proven that visually rendered links have more chance of being clicked than plain links.

Custom-made Solutions

We never sell off-the-shelf solutions because we believe that it will never be a perfect fit for your business. We ensure that we align the content with your policies, brand, applicable regulations and language by delivering 100% custom-made solutions.

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