Security Awareness Analytics and Insights

More than a decade of industry experience helps us give you the right data. Security Awareness Analytics and Insights that assists in better decision making.

Most popular Security Awareness topics chosen by our clients


Workplace Security

Password Security

Social Media Security

Data Security


…is the most popular learning content because of its simplicity, visual impact and less text approach.


…is the #1 topic for Security Awareness Infographics.

Banking & Financial Service Companies

…are the biggest segment in terms of demand for security awareness solutions.

Language Translation

to the end users’ (learners’) native language for security awareness courses increases participation rates significantly.


…is the average no.of users who fail our mock phishing assessments.

Virtual Learning Experiences

…like 3D animation increases course adoption and completion rates significantly.

Performance linking

Organisation’s linking course completion to KPI/performance reviews had course completion rates above 90%.

Mobile devices

…are being increasingly used by learners to engage with security awareness training courses.

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