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Cyber Security Awareness Training Course

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Strong boardroom leadership with a deep understanding of the business context of Cybersecurity is an asset for a successful organisation.

This course respects the time of leaders. The focus is on providing essential knowledge precisely and succinctly. Unlike an End-User Cybersecurity awareness course, more time is devoted to real business Cybercrime case studies followed by quality inputs on Cybersecurity Leadership practices.

Course Overview

A cyber-attack can destroy the assets and reputation of an organisation in a few hours. Any negligence on Cybersecurity affects the business in terms of customer trust, reputation, money and invites regulatory scrutiny.

Therefore, without a doubt, Cybersecurity is a boardroom issue. It must be considered akin to any important business initiative that deserves quality time, attention and dedication of Leaders.
The course begins with real case studies about the latest Cybercrime and its impact on the business. This is followed by inputs on Cybersecurity Leadership practices that C-Level Executives must aim to cultivate.

What will you learn?

Cyber Security begins in the boardroom

1. The importance of Information Security
2. Facebook data breach – A case study

Recent cyber-attacks

1. Introduction to Cyber threat landscape
2. Recent Information security breaches
3. Cost of cybercrime
4. Future possibilities of cyber-attacks

Responsibilities of a leader

1. Your role in Information Security
2. Awareness of laws and regulations
3. Data protection laws around the world
4. Involving yourself in risk management
5. Becoming a role model by setting the tone
6. Recent cyber-attacks targeting senior management personnel

Summary and assessment

Cybersecurity assessment


Learning time
15-20 minutes


Target audience
Senior Management

Web format

Device compatibility
Mobile and PC

Package format

Human voice**

Mandatory, 80% to pass***

Branding, translation and voice narration on request***

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