Deliver your unique cyber security vision
with customized security awareness training.

Off-the-shelf training never truly connects with employees. Hence, we create custom-made training that communicates your vision, policies, brand and culture.

October 2021 is Security Awareness Month

Download a free security awareness tool kit containing infographics and videos on the topics of ransomware, remote work and cyber security best practices. Start spreading awareness this October.

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Security awareness courses

Explore role, industry and compliance-based security awareness e-learning courses for employees, CXOs and more.


Explore courses for employees, CXOs and remote workers.



For employees in the BFSI and Oil & Gas industry.


GDPR, HIPAA and PCIDSS courses for employees and the implementer.

Micro-learning for Security Awareness

Quick, short and continuous training for busy workers.

dedicated cyber security awareness training platform

Dedicated training instance.

Private, cloud-hosted instance for each client with courses, assessments and reports.


Customize and make it unique.

Integrate your security policies, brand, culture identifiers and compliance goals in your security awareness training program.

Custom made Cyber Security Awareness and Behavior Training
Why customize?
security awareness training in different languages

Multilingual security awareness

Translate the training to the languages spoken by your employees. Arabic, Chinese, German, Spanish and more.


For the differently-abled

Everyone deserves security awareness. Discover inclusive training powered by visual aids and audiobooks.


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