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Choose a plan that’s right for you.

Flexible and friendly security awareness training plans. Choose the economic cloud hosted plan if you wish to launch quick. Else, opt for the enterprise plan for flexible, customised solutions.



Subscribe & Go

Subscribe to any course(s).

Deliver from your own private cloud instance of Security Quotient Dojo .

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Purchase and download (or) subscribe to any course(s).

Deliver through own network and infrastructure (or) subscribe & deliver through Security Quotient Dojo.

Customise the courses, add your logo and branding elements.

Translate the courses to the language of your audience.

Add more content – Infographics, digital designs, handbooks.

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How to choose the right plan?

Choose the cloud hosted “Subscribe & Go” plan if you;

  1. Prefer the courses without any customisation
  2. Prefer subscribing to the course and not purchasing and downloading
  3. Prefer delivering the course using your own private, dedicated instance of the Security Quotient Dojo Learning Management System
  4. Prefer an economic, quick and hassle-free option where you do not have to worry about managing the delivery infrastructure

Choose the Enterprise plan if you;

  1. Prefer to customise the courses by adding/ changing content, add logo & branding elements
  2. Prefer to translate the courses to more languages
  3. Prefer to purchase and download the course (or) opt for delivering the course using the Security Quotient Dojo Learning Management System
  4. Prefer to add more content like Infographics, Handbooks, Digital designs etc. to your purchase
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