Cyber Security Awareness Training Reports and Analytics

Cyber Security Awareness Training Reports and Analytics platform by Security Quotient

Go beyond just pass vs. fail stats. Identify end-user Cyber Security strengths and weaknesses with comprehensive Security Awareness reports and deep analytics.

The three layers of analytics

Security Quotient's Cyber Security learning analytics is divided into three.

1. Essential analytics

Get the basics covered. Gain essential insights with reports on completion status, course progression and pass vs fail. Ensure that the training is on track.

Essential Cyber Security Awareness Analytics

2. Category-wise analytics

What's the score on BYOD risks? How many passed simulated phishing?

Analyse end-user cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses at a deeper, category level and take corrective actions for weak areas.

Category-wise Security Awareness analytics

3. Per-user analytics

Spot Cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses at a per-user level. Develop learning and correction plans for specific individuals if the awareness level is poor.

Per-user/ Individual/ Employee Security Awareness analytics

How to ensure analytics data is trustworthy?

For analytics to be truly useful, the source of data must be genuine. In this case, the source of data is the training course. If the course is designed to make every user pass (for a perfect report), the analytics fails its purpose. A good course, must test the learner with realistic Cyber attack scenarios. For example,

Would you have a slide that explains phishing in 5 bullet points (or) Would you show 5 mails, of which 3 are phishing and ask the learner to identify them?

Cyber-risk simulations helps capture genuine human response. Genuine responses give true data for analysis. As a result, the analytics data becomes trustworthy.

How does Security Quotient deliver data analytics?

1. Inside the LMS (Learning Management System)

Essential analytics such as completion status, course progression and pass vs. fail is available here.

Security Awareness Training and Learning Management System

2. Dedicated analytics dashboard

A dedicated, access-controlled dashboard is provisioned for each client. The dashboard hosts essential analytics, category-wise analytics and per-user analytics.

Dedicated Security Awareness analytics dashboard

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