Cyber Security Awareness Baseline Assessments and Quizzes

Know your weakness to build a stronger defence. The baseline assessment helps identify
weak areas of Cybersecurity knowledge and skills in end-users.

The Assessment

The Cyber Security Awareness baseline assessment is an in-depth analysis of the Cyber Security strengths and weaknesses of end-users. The assessment is filled with Cyber Security risk simulations, videos and quizzes to make it realistic and engaging. The output of the assessment is a quantifiable report that answers the following questions;

1. What are the weak areas of Cybersecurity knowledge and skills in end-users?

2. Can these weaknesses be exploited by Cybercriminals?

3. Is the knowledge level below compliance or regulatory expectations?

4. Do we need mitigatory controls to reduce risks related to the human-factor?

The Reports


Strong and weak categories of Cybersecurity knowledge and skills.


Micro-level analysis of each question and answers attempted by the end-user.


Individual scorecard for each employee with the scores per Cybersecurity category.

Custom reports and data analytics

The assessment produces three types of reports.

Custom reports and data analytics is designed for each client as per requirement. Please contact us to learn more.

Use cases

Baseline assessments have numerous applications. Consider the cases listed below

Cyber Security Onboarding

As a mandatory requirement for onboarding new employees to the organization or critical projects.

Cyber Security Awareness Gap Assessment

To check the gap between end-user Cyber Security awareness levels and the level mandated by regulations.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

As a valuable input to assess Cyber Security risks due to the human factor.


1. What types of baseline assessments do you currently have?

We currently have an "End User Cyber Security Baseline Assessment" that can be used to assess all employees in the organisation. This assessment covers almost all essential cybersecurity domains that apply to employees, across various industries.

2. Do you plan to release more baseline assessments?

Yes. We are working on regulation-specific (e.g. HIPAA, PCI DSS), industry-specific and role-specific (senior management, HR, remote-workforce etc.)

3. Can you build a custom baseline assessment for my company?

Yes. We'd be delighted to work with you. Pleasecontact us to discuss further.

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