Cyber Security Awareness Training Courses

Explore role-wise training for Employees (End-Users) or Senior Executives. Discover industry-wise training for Oil and Gas, Banking, Finance and Payments (PCIDSS). Explore regulatory training for GDPR and Healthcare (HIPAA).

All courses are customizable.

Employee (end user) Cyber Security Awareness Training course
Employee Security Awareness

This course uses extensive 3D gamification to enable end-users/ employees with valuable Cyber Security Awareness and skills. Integrated with assessments and quizzes.

Cyber Security Awareness Training for Senior Executives/ CXOs
Senior Executive Security Awareness

Short, precise Cyber Security Awareness training for Senior Executives, CXOs and C-Suite. Enriched with cybercrime case studies and Cyber Security leadership guidelines.

Cyber Security Awareness Trainings for BFSI (Bankiing and Financial Services Industry)
Banks/ Finance Security Awareness

Cyber Security Awareness Training for Banking and Financial sector employees. Covers recent financial cybercrimes and financial, customer data protection guidelines.

Cyber Security Awareness Training for employees in the oil and gas industry
Security Awareness for Oil and Gas

Cyber Security Awareness training for a critical infrastructure industry, Oil and Gas. Features real industry-specific cyber crime cases followed by data protection guidelines.

GDPR Security Awareness Training for employees
GDPR Security Awareness Training

GDPR Awareness is critical for employees who handle EU citizen data. The course explains GDPR clearly practical security tips to protect customer data and stay compliant.

PCI DSS basic training for employees
PCIDSS Basic Training

This training is suitable for all employees. Provides a clean overview of PCIDSS without the complications. Empower all employees to get on board before attempting certification.

PCI DSS advanced training for implementers and representatives
PCI DSS Advanced Training

This training is meant for PCI DSS implementers/representatives from each business function. The course explains the compliance requirement and process.

HIPAA Training
HIPAA Employee Training

A critical training for employees handling patient data. Explains the security provisions and data privacy standards required to keep patient's medical information safe.

Security Awareness for Remote Workers
Remote Worker Security Awareness

As a Cyber Security Manager you must be rightly worried about the sudden shift to remote work due to the COVID 19 pandemic. This offers 'Cyber Security Awareness for Remote Workers' to train your entire workforce.

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