End-User Cybersecurity Awareness Training Course

Oil and Gas Industry

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When it comes to Cybersecurity Awareness training, one size does not fit all. Hence, Security Quotient has crafted this exclusive course for the workforce in the Oil, Gas and Energy industry. While the essential systems and communication channels like email are ubiquitous across most industries, the nature of data, the technology and the systems used by the Oil and Gas industry is different. So, is the economic importance of the entity from a nation’s perspective.

Course Overview

Businesses operating in the Oil and Gas segment are prime targets for Cyber Criminals considering their importance for the economy of the nation. Having employees with knowledge and skills to tackle Information Security risks becomes a critical requirement of the Oil and Gas industry.

The course delves deep into Cybercrime that has affected the Oil and Gas industry in recent years. This is followed by Cyber-attacks and malware specific to the industry. The learner then proceeds to learn Cybersecurity best practices through multiple realistic interactive risk scenarios to understand and solve Information Security risks. Following this, the learner gains an understanding of important Information Security practises that helps in detecting and preventing Cyber-Attacks.

The e-Learning course ends with a mandatory 10 question assessment that the learner must score a minimum of 80% to pass. Learners who fail will be guided to retake the assessment.

What will you learn

The Importance of Information Security

1. The Current State of Information Security

2. Major Information Security Attacks

3. Why Information Security is important?

4. Cyber-Attacks in the Oil and Gas Sector

Information Security Essentials

1. Clear Desk Policies and Password Security

2. Internet and Email Security

3. Malware! How to stay protected?

3. Mobile Device and Travel Security

Reporting Security Incidents

1. Information Security Incidents

2. Reporting Information Security Incidents

Summary and assessment


Cybersecurity assessment

Cyber Security Awareness Training PDF brochure for employees in Oil, Gas and Energy industry

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Learning time

40-45 minutes



Target audience


Web format


Device compatibility

Mobile and PC

Package format



Human voice**


Mandatory, 80% to pass***


Branding, translation and voice narration on request***

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