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GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) is legislation governing the personal and sensitive data of individuals from the European Union (EU). Organisations storing and processing any personal data connected with EU citizens must comply with GDPR, irrespective of being inside or outside the EU region.

The penalties for GDPR violations are quite severe, and some of the biggest names in business have suffered the brunt within the first year of the legislation coming into effect. By adopting GDPR compliance practices as part of daily work, organisations will build customer goodwill. Training employees is an essential step in that direction, and this course will set the path.

Course Overview

Security Quotient has authored this clean and informative e-Learning course with interactive elements to introduce employees to GDPR and the essential compliance obligations. Further, the course provides coverage of the principles, roles, responsibilities and processes under the Regulation. The course proceeds to explains fines and penalties for non-compliance.

The e-Learning course ends with a mandatory 10 question assessment that the learner must score a minimum of 80% to pass. Learners who fail will be guided to retake the assessment.

What will you learn

Understanding GDPR

1. What is GDPR?

2. Definitions under GDPR

Requirements under GDPR

1. Responsibilities of Data Controllers

2. Responsibilities of Data Processors

3. Responsibilities of Data Protection Officer

4. Rights of Data Subjects under GDPR

5. Regulatory notification under the GDPR

6. Notifying the Data Subjects

7. Penalties for non-compliance of GDPR

Summary and assessment


Cybersecurity assessment

PDF brochure for GDPR Awareness Training Course for Employees

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Learning time

15 minutes



Target audience


Web format


Device compatibility

Mobile and PC

Package format



Human voice**


Mandatory, 80% to pass***


Branding, translation and voice narration on request***

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