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PCI DSS Basic Training course

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PCI DSS compliance is a necessity for any organisation that handles and processes card data. Any compromise of card data invites penalties and unwanted media publicity that erodes customer trust.

Having a knowledgable workforce that understands the risks associated with the compromise (theft, misuse) of customer data is a valuable asset for any card processing organisation. This valuable knowledge will help the staff in quickly identifying and reporting red flags that can stop customer card data compromise before it manifests.

Course Overview

This clean, efficient and well-crafted course begins by introducing the learner to recent Credit Card related crimes followed by an introduction to the PCI DSS standard. The learner is guided through understanding Card Data, followed by a comprehensive overview of the PCI DSS standards and its components.

The e-Learning course ends with a mandatory 10 question assessment that the learner must score a minimum of 80% to pass. Learners who fail will be guided to retake the assessment.

What will you learn

Overview of PCI DSS

1. What is PCI DSS?

2. The PCI Data Security Standards

3. PCI DSS related security incidents- Case studies

Cardholder data and data route

1. Data route diagram

2. Storing cardholder data

Risks to cardholder data

1. What Cardholder information do cybercriminals target?

2. Attack tactics used by cybercriminals

PCI DSS compliance

1. Data leakage due to internal error – Case study

2. Why is it important to be PCI DSS compliant?

3. PCI DSS Compliance: Best Practises

Summary and assessment


Cybersecurity assessment

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Learning time

15-20 minutes



Target audience


Web format


Device compatibility

Mobile and PC

Package format



Human voice**


Mandatory, 80% to pass***


Branding, translation and voice narration on request***

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