Managed Cyber Security Awareness Training Platform

Security Quotient's Cyber Security Awareness Training and Analytics Platform

Train, Assess and Certify every End-User. Get in-depth reports and analytics. Make better risk management decisions.

How does it work?

Explore the features of Security Quotient's Cybersecurity Learning and Analytics platform.

1. Dedicated server instance

Start with a dedicated cloud-hosted server instance with dedicated IP and URL. Lock it down with IP address restrictions. Additional features include SSL certificates, access controls, backups. Our dedicated service desk is at hand for assistance.

Dedicated server instance for Cyber Security Awareness Training

2. Enrol end-users

Enrol 100 to 1000s of end-users? Rest easy. Our dedicated helpdesk will ensure all users are on-board before the launch.

Enrol end-users

3. Launch

You may have users in different time-zones and hence prefer to launch in batches. Or, you may consider network bandwidth and split the launch to reduce network load. Our helpdesk is experienced in managing these challenges and will build a launch schedule as per your requirements.

Launch Cyber Security Awareness Training

4. Reminders and follow-ups

End-users are busy. We get it. Reminder notifications and follow-up emails will be handled by the service desk upon your instructions.

Send Security Awareness Reminders and follow-ups

5. Reports

Reports are updated real-time on the LMS dashboard as the training progresses. Our clients have full administrator access to the dashboard. We will also email reports on demand and as per pre-defined schedules.

Security Awareness Training Reports

6. Analytics

Analytics goes beyond the default reports. Our analytics team will prepare in-depth reports using learning data for deeper insights. Analytics helps our clients identify strong and weak domains of Cybersecurity competence amongst end-users. Explore analytics >

Security Awareness analytics

Imagine the positive impact of certifying every end-user

Imagine that moment when an end-user completes the training, passes the assessment and generates a "Certificate of Achievement" embossed with your company logo? Now, imagine certifying every end-user and proudly claiming X% of my end-users are Cybersecurity certified. With Security Quotient, you can.

1. The certificate, embossed with your company logo, will be created by Security Quotient.

2. The certificate footer will display the text "Independently delivered by Security Quotient" to assure neutrality in assessment delivery.

3. Certificates will be generated as PDF on attaining a "pass" score in the assessment

4. End-users can download the certificate (maybe print and display on their work-desk!)

Security Awareness Certification for end-users



All server instances are private and dedicated. No shared databases or servers.


Scale on demand as the number of end-users increase.

Segmented audience, staggered delivery

Manage users across time-zones or bandwidth challenges easily with our service desk.


SSL, IP address restrictions, access controls, encrypted databases, backups and daily scans.

Dedicated service desk

Our team is always at hand to help throughout the delivery cycle.

Administrator access

Our clients get unrestricted Administrator access to the LMS

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