The Human Factor Full-Stack

Everything you need to drive responsible Cybersecurity culture at your workplace. Customised or built from scratch.

The Human Factor Full Stack - Security Awareness training building blocks.

The Human Factor Full-Stack

Everything you need to drive responsible Cybersecurity culture at your workplace. Customised or built from scratch.

Imagine a set of building blocks to create your dream Security Awareness training program that is a perfect fit for your organization. Imagine the freedom to break free from off-the-shelf courses. Imagine the freedom to customize and schedule training, assessments, periodic infographic mailers and posters with your own dedicated, secure, training, reporting and analytics platform.

Well, that is precisely what the Human Factor Full-stack is about.

You choose the components. We will customize, build and manage it for you.

What is in the stack?

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Fully customizable Cyber Security Awareness Training Courses and Micro-learning videos.

Security Awareness Training e-Learning Courses

Security Awareness e-learning courses

Experience the power Cyber Security Awareness Training courses with Gamification. Educate and enable end-users using realistic security risk simulations.

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Cyber Security Awareness Training Videos in Micro-learning format

Micro-learning Security Awareness Videos

Byte-sized Cyber Security Awareness videos integrated with quizzes. Micro-learning has low cognitive memory load. Optimised for employees who crunch loads of knowledge and data (knowledge workers).

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Cyber Security Awareness Assessments

Security Awareness Quizzes and Assessments, seamlessly integrated with courses and videos.

Security Awareness Assessments and Quizzes

Integrated Security Awareness Quizzes

Our courses and micro-learning videos are integrated with Security Awareness assessments. Assessments and quizzes are customisable. Scores are reported to the LMS using SCORM, AICC or TIN-CAN APIs.

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Cyber Security Awareness Assessments and Questionnaires for employees

Cyber Security Baseline Assessments

Evaluate the Cyber Security awareness and resilience of the workforce through baseline assessments. Gain deep insights into Cyber Security strengths and weaknesses to design preventive and compensatory controls.

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Security Awareness Training and Certification Platform

End-user Security Awareness Training certification platform with deep analytics.

Cyber Security Awareness Training Website

Dedicated Training Platform

Train and certify every end-user with your own dedicated, secure, cloud-hosted platform. Fully managed by us.

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Cyber Security Awareness Training Metrics, Reports and Analytics

Security Awareness Training Analytics

Gain deep insights from training data. Identify Cyber Security strengths and weakness of end-users. Design preventive controls with actionable intelligence.

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How is the Full-Stack implemented for each client?

Custom-made Cyber Security Awareness Campaigns for clients using the Human Factor Full-Stack

For each client, we customise the Human Factor Full-Stack. Else, we build the components from scratch. This means each client gets the training, assessment, platform and analytics that is perfectly in alignment with their goals.

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Roles and Responsibility based Training

Comprehensive custom-made Cyber Security awareness training for specific user roles and responsibilities.

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