Cyber security awareness for BFSI

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Cyber security awareness solutions for BFSI

A CISO from the BFSI sector is fully aware that the cybercriminal targets two vectors to gain entry - Systems and Humans. Of these, systems are comparatively easier to secure whereas humans need training and motivation to resist cyber attacks. Securuty Quotient creates 100% customised security awareness solutions for each BFSi client.


Training focus

BFSI Clientele

Types of training content

Customization, localization and language

Training focus

The focus of the training is to inform and educate the BFSI workforce on the following key topics.

BFSI Clientele

Over the years we have engaged with some of the best names in the BFSI segment.

Banking Clients- Allianz
Banking Clients- Federal Bank
Banking Clients- Axis Bank
Banking Clients- Emirates NBD
Banking Clients- FAB
Banking Clients- Mashreq
Banking Clients- Allianz Banking Clients- Emirates NBD Banking Clients- FAB
Banking Clients- Axis Bank Banking Clients- Federal Bank Banking Clients- Mashreq

Types of training

Security Quotient's BFSI programs offer a variety of training content in the form of courses, micro-learning videos and infographic posters. Each content is customized to ensure a perfect fit with client requirements.


Cyber Security Awareness Training for banks, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector

Cybercriminals hog the limelight. But, often it is a simple error in judgement by employees that opens the door for criminals to steal valuable data. The key takeaways from this course are - cybercrime case studies featuring real-world attacks, cost of financial cybercrime, latest threats, cybersecurity best practices and more.


Micro-learning avoids the clutter. Give the BFSI workforce the precise cyber security awareness they need.


Cybercriminals are increasingly developing convincing fake videos and audios, for political or other malicious purposes.

Stay safe from ransomware

Ransomware is a type of malware that threatens to perpetually lock access to your systems or critical files.


Cyber Security Awareness - Infographic for ATM Security
Cyber Security Awareness - Infographic for SWIFT Cyber attack
Cyber Security Awareness - Infographic for Payment Systems Security

Visuals communicate faster than text. They are more engaging, more persuasive and easier to recall. With infographics, the learning sticks.

Customization, localization and language translation

When you train your workforce, you are undertaking an exercise in knowledge sharing, brand awareness and culture building. Hence, training content must be absolutely aligned to your company's business, brand and culture. At Security Quotient we have been practicing this approach for more than a decade. All training content is customized from the ground-up or built anew for each client. Further, we translate the content into various languages to better connect with end users.

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Experience customised security awareness in action

Live demo includes examples of custom-made security awareness content, customization workflows, real case-studies and more.