Cyber Security awareness for diversified industries

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Cyber security awareness solutions for diversified industries

Diversified industries have their footprint in many sectors such as energy, transportation, IT, ITeS, telecom, mining etc. Often each business operates independently of the other.

For the cyber security part of the business, they may have one team that manages the security operations for the entire group. Often is it this team is tasked with the responsibility of cyber security awareness training.

The challenge confronting the team is to adapt the awareness training and communication to the diverse workforce. While the user in the IT sector of the business may understand an awareness communique on ransomware better, the same may not be the case with the personnel in energy or manufacturing or transport.

Hence, the challenge is clear. Develop one core program and then adapt the same to the diverse workforce. This means that some content may be fit for all industries, while certain others may need fine-tuning or adoption.


Training focus

Diversified industry clientele

Types of training content

Customization, localization and language

Training focus

The focus of the training is to inform and educate the workforce on the following key topics.

Diversified industry Clientele

We have delivered to some of the best in the diversified industry segment.

Diversified clients - Adani
Diversified clients - Friesland Campina
Diversified clients - Emaar
Diversified clients - Majid Al Futtaim

Types of training content

Our clients from the diversified industry segment can choose from courses, micro-learning videos and infographic posters and other creative content. We customize the content as per the requirement of the client. This includes branding, tone of language and language translation.


e-Learning courses are a great medium to impart cyber security knowledge to a vast audience. Explore the Security Quotient course llibrary to discover courses that can be 100% customised for Diversified industry clients.


Micro-learning is delivered in small chunks. Therefore, it helps employees to learn on the go. In essence, micro-learning makes cyber security learning a continuous process rather than a once-a-year activity.

Pause, think and act

Cybersecurity works best when we learn how to pause a moment, think and then decide whether to click or not.

How to spot a phishing mail?

Phishing is possibly the most common tactic used by Cybercriminals and victimes continue to emerge everyday.


Cyber Security Awareness - Infographic on IOT and SCADA
Cyber Security Awareness - Infographic on Patch Management Best Practices

Humans can process visuals faster than text. This makes infographics a powerful tool to deliver complex cyber security topics with ease and efficiency.

Customization, localization and language translation.

Yes, it is indeed easier to buy off the shelf content and tick the training check-box. But, is it effective? Are employees buying into the training? Are they absorbing the learning? Will they go back to their work and apply what they have learned.

To make training connect deeply with the employee, it must speak the language of your organization. The content must be perfectly aligned to your organization's brand, culture and tone of language. Further, translating the content to the ones easily understood by the employee takes it one step further.

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