Cyber security awareness for Oil and Gas

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Cyber security awareness solutions for oil and gas industry

The oil and gas industry comes under "critical national infrastructure". In other words, this industry is critical to the growth of the nation. Unlike other industries, any cyber attack on the oil and gas industry is a risk to the reputation of the nation.

Emerging threats like IoT attacks and new phishing variants compounds the risk. A cyber security proficient workforce is critical to avoid emerging threats.

Security Quotient addresses this challenge with tailor-made content for the oil and gas industry.


Training focus

Oil and Gas Clientele

Types of training content

Customization, localization and language

Training focus

The content of the training is optimized for the cyber security requirements of the oil and gas industry.

Oil and Gas Clientele

Oil and Gas Clients- Enoc
Oil and Gas Clients- Petrofac

Types of training content

Choose from a bouquet offering e-Learning courses, micro-learning videos and infographic posters. We customise each content or build from scratch. Customisation ensures perfect alignment of content with your security policies, brand and culture.


Cyber Security Awareness Training for Oil and Gas industry

The course focuses on real cyber attack case studies that have affected the oil and gas industry. Next, the course dwells on cyber threat landscape and emerging cyber risks. Following next is a comprehensive coverage of cyber security best practices.

Learner engagement is an absolute priority for Security Quotient. Hence, each course employs 3D risk simulations, animated videos and rich animations. Complementing these are well designed learning paths and assessments in the end.


Short bursts of learning, delivered often is a time-tested effecting learning method. Micro-learning saves valuable working hours while delivering learning round-the-year.

Synthetic identity fraud

In the digital age, the war against fraudsters has evolved into a never-ending arms race.

Phishing - A game of deception

Cybercriminals employ various psychological tactics to deceive users to steal information.


Cyber Security Awareness - Infographic for Lokibot Malware
Cyber Security Awareness - Infographic for The Infamous Mirai Botnet

Infographics are visually compelling. They communicate a complex idea using clean visuals, arranged in logical sequence. They are an excellent medium for cyber security awareness training.

Customization, localization and language translation.

Training is also a form of culture building. Good training content conveys your brand using your tone of your language. Hence, Security Quotient is an avid proponent of customised cyber security awareness training. Our content is custom-made or built from scratch to meet your requirements. Further, an essential component of customisation is language translation. We use native language speakers to translate training content to ensure the highest possible quality.

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