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Security awareness solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is driven by research that produces intellectual property such as patented drugs, research data, new technology and inventions. Further, the industry produces clinical trial data that includes sensitive personal information. Any loss of this data can have disastrous consequences including ill reputation. Huge financial penalties may also be in order.

Hence, it is not surprising that cyber criminals have targeted the pharma industry. The rich trove of IP and customer data proves irresistible. Further, competitors may sponsor cyber attacks to discredit the company. Roche was a target in 2019 and Bayer in 2018.


Training focus

pharmaceutical Clientele

Types of training content

Customization, localization and language

Training focus

Security Quotient has tailor-made offerings for the pharma industry with the following focus.

Pharmaceutical clientele

Over the years we have engaged with some of the best names in the Pharmaceutical segment.

Pharmaceutical Clients-Cipla
Pharmaceutical  Clients- Sun Pharma

Types of training content

Well crafted content promotes learning. Security Quotient endeavours to create content that is rich, engaging and effective. Our content portfolio spans courses, micro-learning videos and infographic posters


e-Learning courses are a great medium to impart cyber security knowledge to a vast audience. Explore the Security Quotient course llibrary to discover courses that can be 100% customised for Pharmaceutical clients.


Small and frequent. Micro-learning embodies this approach. The learner absorbs small chunks of learning content, round-the year. This method has often proven to be more effective than traditional learning.

Bring your own device (BYOD)

From a Cybersecurity perspective, there are risks when using personal devices.

How to limit your digital footprints?

Every activity that we perform online leaves traces.


Cyber Security Awareness - Infographic for Clinical Trial Data
Cyber Security Awareness - Infographic for Protecting Your IP
Cyber Security Awareness - Infographic for Major Cyber-attacks

Infographics have excellent attributes. They are compelling, visual and tell a story in a logical narrative. They are an excellent medium to communicate cyber security.

Customization, localization and language translation

Every business is unique and every committed CISO aims to build a cyber-ready workforce? But, how can you achieve this goal with just off-the-shelf training?

To build a cyber-ready workforce, the training must be effective. The tone, brand and content must be unique. It must be yours. The learner must be able to identify with it.

Hence, since inception, Security Quotient has created customised training content for our clients. We adapt your branding philosophy, elements and tone of language to better engage with the learner.

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