The Security Quotient Dojo

dōjō (道場), a space for immersive learning

The Security Quotient Dojo

dōjō (道場), a space for immersive learning

Cybersecurity Training + Assessments + Certification, in one single platform

Every subscriber/ Client gets their own dedicated instance of Security Quotient Dojo.
Each instance is customised with:

Courses of your choice

Integrated assesments

 Certificates with your logo

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How does it work?


Cybersecurity Training

Subscribe to rich, engaging Cybersecurity e-­Learning Courses from our library. Choose role­, compliance or industry-specific training. Train from 10s to 1000s of users on your own dedicated, scalable, cloud-­hosted platform.


All courses come integrated with pre­-built assessments to test learners. Each assessment draws from a vast pool of curated Cybersecurity quizzes. Questions are structured as a single answer, multiple answers, fill in the blanks etc.


Reward successful learners with­ certificates embedded with your Company logo. The Security Quotient design team will create the certificate templates on the training platform. Certificates will be auto­-generated for every user on successful course completion.

More Features

Engage & Interact

Engage users with interactive, 3D enriched Cybersecurity awareness training.

Stay updated

Courses are regularly updated with relevant Cybersecurity information.

Get reports

Keep Senior Management and Auditors happy with completion reports.

Manage easily

Avoid the hassles of buying courses and managing learning infrastructure.

Scale as needed

Start small. Scale easily from 10s to 1000s of users and spread the training.

Stay secure

No shared platforms. Dedicated platform with industry-grade security and backups.

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