General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR Security Awareness

Master GDPR compliance and fortify your organization’s data protection practices with our cutting-edge training course, empowering your team to confidently navigate the intricacies of GDPR regulations and safeguard sensitive information.

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About this course

The GDPR course helps employees to learn the key principles and best practices for safeguarding personal data. The course also covers the guidelines for collecting and processing personal data within the European Union (EU), ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations, and maintaining the privacy of personal data.

Section 1: Data Privacy Breaches – Real Case Studies

In this section, employees are presented with real-life instances of privacy breaches that directly relate to violations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). By analyzing these breaches, they understand the underlying factors contributing to these violations and the impact on the organization. 


Section 2: Overview of Data Protection and Privacy 

This section introduces the basics of data protection and privacy fundamentals with appropriate examples.

Brief of Data Protection and Privacy 

Types of personal information  

Why is data privacy important for businesses??


Section 3: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 

This section focuses on key concepts and principles of GDPR that are essential for understanding and ensuring data protection and privacy.

What is GDPR?  

Why is GDPR important?  

Roles and Responsibilities under GDPR  

Rights of a Data Subject

Principles of Data Processing

Legal Bases for Data Processing  

Consequences of non-compliance with GDPR


Section 4: Practicing Data Protection and Privacy at Work 

The section covers four scenario-based challenges aligned with the industry best practices of GDPR. Further, they acquire the knowledge and skills to protect the privacy of the personal information they handle.

Sharing personal information with unauthorized people 

Sharing personal information over unauthorized communication channels 

Copying personal information to unauthorized devices 

Sharing personal information on social media platforms


Section 5: Reporting Data Privacy Incidents 

This section highlights examples of privacy incidents and provides guidance on reporting procedures.

What is a privacy incident?

Examples of privacy incidents?

How to report a privacy incident?


Section 5: Summary and Assessment

This section includes the main points covered in the course followed by an assessment.



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