Information Security and Data Privacy Awareness

Aligned with The Philippines Data Privacy Act

Enhance your workforce through a personalized training program intended to provide them with the essential knowledge to safeguard sensitive corporate data, cultivate a security-centric organizational culture, and ensure alignment with the regulations of the Philippines Data Privacy Act.

Learning Time
Employees and Contractors
35-40 minutes
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About this course

The Information Security and Philippines Data Privacy Act course is essential for organizations aiming to set up their primary defense against cyber threats. This is accomplished by providing thorough training in information security, enabling staff to understand the core concepts and top strategies for protecting sensitive data. Furthermore, the course addresses protocols related to the collection and handling of personal data in Philippines, guaranteeing adherence to DPA regulations and the preservation of individual data confidentiality.

Section 1: Cyber Threat Landscape

In this part of the course, we adopt a hands-on method by analyzing actual cyber security breaches instead of solely focusing on abstract ideas. This equips participants with the ability to apply the knowledge they acquire in their work environments, proactively working to avert comparable situations. Additionally, they explore occurrences that have influenced employees, clients, associates, suppliers, and invested parties, thus expanding their comprehension of the range of risks associated with information security.


Section 2: Elements of Information Security and Data Privacy

This segment delves into the fundamental principles of information security and underscores the importance of valuing information.

CIA Triad

Data Classification

Types of Personal Information


Section 3: Common Cyberattacks and Prevention

This section, we address common cyberattacks and offer suggested approaches for their prevention.

Phishing and its variants




Section 4: Practicing Information Security at Work

This section encompasses nine challenges derived from real-world scenarios along with proactive measures that employees can apply to their work.

Secure Access to Facilities

Safe Remote Working

Securing Access Credentials

Safe Internet Browsing

Safe Usage of Email and Collaboration Platforms

Safe Social Media Usage

Safe Usage of AI Apps

Safe Usage of Information Storage and Transfer


Section 5: Understanding Philippines Data Privacy Act (DPA)

This section focuses on key concepts and principles of Philippines DPA that are essential for understanding and ensuring data protection and privacy.

What is Philippines Data Privacy Act (DPA)?

Why is DPA important?

Who does DPA apply to?

Definitions under DPA

Rights of a Data Subject

Responsibilities of a Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Consequences of non-compliance with the DPA


Section 6: Reporting Privacy Breaches and Security Incidents

This section highlights examples of privacy breaches and security incidents and provides guidance on reporting procedures.

What is a privacy breach?

Examples of privacy breaches

Overview of Information Security Incidents

Examples of Information Security Incidents

Reporting Privacy Breaches and Security Incidents


Section 7: Summary and Assessment

This section encapsulates the essential lessons from the course. Additionally, a final assessment is provided to test the extent of knowledge and comprehension.



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