Information Security and Cyber Risk Awareness

For Customer Data Handlers

A personalized course designed to empower your employees with the essential knowledge to protect sensitive corporate data and promote a security-conscious culture within the organization.

Learning Time
Customer Data Handlers
25-30 minutes
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About this course

This course enables organizations to strengthen their workforce against cyber threats through a comprehensive training in information security and cyber risk awareness. Participants will acquire the necessary skills needed to recognize potential threats, protect sensitive data, and swiftly respond to security incidents within their roles.

Section 1: Cyber Threat Landscape for Customer Data Handlers

This module follows a practical approach, delving into real-world cyber security incidents rather than just theory. This equips participants to apply this hands-on knowledge in their professional roles, enabling them to implement proactive measures to prevent similar incidents. Additionally, the course covers incidents that have impacted various stakeholders, enhancing participants’ grasp of information security risks.


Section 2: Elements of Information Security for Customer Data Handlers

This segment explores the fundamental principles of information security and highlights the significance of information.

CIA Triad

Data Classification


Section 3: Common Cyberattacks and Prevention

This section examines the prevailing types of cyber threats and provides effective strategies for their prevention.

Phishing and Its Variations




Section 4: Practicing Information Security at Work 

This section outlines nine practical challenges inspired by real-life scenarios and equips the workforce with actionable strategies for their day-to-day tasks. 

Secure Access to Facilities

Safe Remote Working

Securing Access Credentials

Safe Internet Browsing 

Safe usage of email and collaboration platforms

Safe Social Media Usage

Safe Usage of AI Applications

Safe Usage of Information Storage and Transfer


Section 5: Reporting Security Incidents

This section covers examples of security incidents and guidelines on the reporting process.

Overview of Information Security Incidents

Examples of Information Security Incidents

Reporting Security Incidents


Section 6: Summary and Assessment

Here, we offer a summary of the essential insights covered in the course. Additionally, we present a post-course assessment to evaluate participants’ grasp of the course material and their ability to retain knowledge.

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