Protecting Healthcare Information  

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Empower your Healthcare Professionals to effectively manage Protected Healthcare Information in accordance with Global Healthcare Laws to prevent security breaches.

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About this course

This course offers valuable insights into diverse healthcare regulations worldwide, along with practical case studies that emphasize the significance of safeguarding PHI. It also provides a comprehensive coverage of best practices for ensuring PHI protection and reporting security breaches.

Section 1: Healthcare Threat Landscape

This course section features real-world case studies of PHI breaches, highlighting the significance of safeguarding PHI and the consequences of non-compliance with regulations.


Section 2: Introduction to Protected Healthcare Information

This section provides the workforce with an insightful overview of Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) and a thorough explanation of its importance in terms of protection.

Understanding PHI

Examples of PHI

Importance of protecting PHI


Section 3: Cyber attack against PHI

In this section, employees gain knowledge about threats to Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) and how to classify them, helping them remain vigilant and cautious against potential risks.

Common Threats Against PHI

Insider Threat

Malware and Ransomware Attack

Third-Party Risk

Social Engineering Attack

Emerging Threats against PHI

Internet of Things (IoT) Vulnerabilities

Cloud Security Challenges

AI and ML Risk

Supply Chain Compromise


Section 4: Healthcare Information Protection Laws and Regulations around the world

This section helps the workforce develop a foundational understanding of various regulations pertaining to PHI, such as ADHICS, HIPAA, and HITECH, and understand the need to comply with these regulations.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act

Abu Dhabi Healthcare Information and Cyber Security Standard (ADHICS)


Section 4: Protecting PHI 

This section comprises of six scenario-based challenges that align with best practices for protecting PHI.

Safeguarding PHI while working remotely

Securing Access Credentials to Protect PHI

Safe Internet Browsing Practices to protect PHI

Securing PHI while using Emails and Collaboration Platforms

Protecting PHI while using AI apps

Secure Storage and Transfer of PHI


Section 5: Reporting Security Breaches

This segment covers examples of PHI security breaches and guidance on the proper procedure for the workforce to report such incidents.

Understanding a security breach

Examples of Security Breaches

Reporting a Security Breach


Section 6: Summary and Assessment

Here, we wrap up the course by highlighting the key points covered. In addition, we provide a concluding assessment to assess participants’ comprehension and knowledge retention.

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