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Centralize and visualize cyber security data from blind spot assessments, culture surveys, phishing tests, and training in one unified platform.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Behavior Data Analytics

Behavioral analytics is a data-driven approach that systematically analyses patterns and behaviors exhibited by individuals, systems, or entities within a specific context or domain. This analytical method leverages various data sources and techniques to gain insights into human or system behavior, facilitating the detection of anomalies or opportunities for optimization within an organization.

Behavior Data analytics provides insights into patterns of user behavior. Our user-focused solution here gives you a visual representation of both normal and unusual user behavior in your organization, helping you in the early detection of potential security incidents.

The dashboard, focused on cyber security behavior, typically analyzes patterns in user activities to identify potential security threats or breaches. The dashboard integrates data from the LMS database, where the users’ assessment data is captured.

The prime feature of our dashboard is the real-time analytics scores, calculated from risk-simulation scenarios and learning assessments separately. Our dashboards are shareable and downloadable and are customizable as well, depending on client requirements.

Behavior Risk Score, Cyber Security User Confidence, and Secure Behavior are three major insights shown on our Behavior Analytics Dashboard. These are calculated from real-life scenario questions from within the course modules.

Absolutely. We may customize the solution to align with your specific needs to ensure that it addresses unique cyber security challenges.

The dashboard uses data from both blind spot and learning assessments incorporated in our training modules.

Your data privacy and security are always our top priority. We employ row-level security controls (RLS) within Power BI and manage user access through secure workspaces. We share dashboards and reports with our users via dedicated Power BI accounts.

By utilizing our behavioral analytics tool, you get an understanding of the human cyber security blind spots within your organization. Our solution assists you in human cyber security risk mitigation and improving security controls to compensate for human risks. The proactive nature of the dashboard contributes to a more resilient and secure digital environment.

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