Discover all the necessary components required to successfully implement a security awareness training program that safeguards the privacy rights of California consumers. Designed for US companies that handle personal data, it can be done annually or in the short term, focusing on data privacy.


Why is it crucial for California residents to undergo CCPA and CPRA awareness training?

CCPA and CPRA awareness training is essential for multiple reasons:

To understand California individual rights

Residents can learn their rights under CCPA and CPRA through training, including access, deletion, and control of their personal information held by businesses.

To be Legally Compliant

The CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) and CPRA (California Privacy Rights Act) are state laws that safeguard people’s data privacy rights. Awareness training is crucial to ensure that residents comprehend and adhere to these regulations.

To Protect the data

Training empowers residents to protect their personal information and comprehend how businesses manage their data, lowering the chances of data breaches and unauthorized uses.

To achieve transparency in data handling

Residents attain a clearer understanding of how their data is gathered, utilized, and shared, promoting transparency between individuals and businesses.

To achieve personal and professional benefits

Training in data privacy laws provides personal benefits like lowering identity theft risk and professional advantages such as workplace data privacy comprehension.

To be responsible for business operations.

Training motivates residents to ensure businesses adhere to data privacy regulations, contributing to the cultivation of a responsible data management culture.

Step 1

Deep learning with gamified courses.

Starting with an interactive CCPA and CPRA deep learning course, clients can choose courses from our selection and seamlessly integrate them into their LMS or a dedicated learning platform using Security Quotient’s Managed Services. We offer a spectrum of personalized customization options to help you find the optimal solution model.


CCPA and CPRA (coming soon)

The CCPA and CPRA Security Awareness Training program is customizable and designed to assist businesses that collect, process, or sell personal information belonging to the consumers of California.

Step 2

Monthly reinforcement of CCPA and CPRA in protecting data privacy of consumers

In the context of CCPA and CPRA, reinforcement learning techniques are essential in protecting California consumers’ data privacy. This approach improves understanding of concepts and makes it easier to use data effectively. Security Quotient helps businesses by offering ongoing training through brief micro-learning videos, informative emails with infographics, and interactive games that keep employees engaged.


Micro-learning Video

Do you value your privacy?

Cloud Data Protection and CCPA CPRA Awareness Infographic.


Securing Cloud Data

Data Privacy Awareness Infographic


Value your privacy

Step 3

Surveys to gather learner feedback

It’s important to regularly gather feedback from learners to evaluate their views and the acceptance of programs. Security Quotient’s learner feedback surveys efficiently collect input and analyze crucial success metrics.

Optional components

To extend the learner’s understanding beyond GDPR.

Course: Information Security and Cyber Risk Awareness (Recommended)

Course: Information Security and Cyber Risk Awareness (Recommended)

Enrolling in the Information Security and Cyber Risk Awareness course is advantageous for individuals taking the CCPA-CPRA course as it improves their comprehension of security practices. Discover how Security Quotient’s Managed Information Security and Cyber Risk Awareness Solutions can help you achieve perfect alignment.

Learn more

Course: GDPR

Course: GDPR

In addition to CCPA and CPRA, the course provides insights into related data privacy laws. Explore Security Quotient’s Managed GDPR solutions to find the perfect alignment.

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