General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Training

Discover all the essentials required to implement a highly efficient short-term or annual data privacy awareness training program on GDPR within the framework of the European Union regulations.

GDPR Awareness Training.

Why is GDPR awareness essential for data professionals handling EU citizens’ data?

GDPR awareness training is crucial for several reasons:

To ensure EU citizens understand legal obligations under GDPR

GDPR awareness training ensures that EU citizens are understand their legal obligations, reducing risks of potential violations and negative consequences.

To safeguard sensitive personal data of EU citizens

GDPR training equips employees with the importance of protecting sensitive data from breaches, leaks, or unauthorized access.

To handle data properly

Training enables employees to follow the proper procedures for obtaining consent, storing, and processing data in an organization.

To efficiently mitigate risks

GDPR training helps employees to identify and address security threats, lowering the risk of unintentional or deliberate data breaches.

To promote cultural shift

GDPR training empowers EU citizens to prioritize data privacy in their daily tasks, preventing risks associated with security threats.

To safeguard reputation

GDPR training can help prevent data breaches and uphold the organization’s and its employees’ positive reputation.

Step 1

Deep learning with gamified courses.

Commencing with a gamified GDPR deep learning course for the target audience, the program offers clients the option to select and directly implement one or more courses from our portfolio on their own LMS or through a private learning platform utilizing Security Quotient’s Managed Services. You may evaluate our customization plans to find a suitable solution model.


GDPR Course

Master GDPR compliance and fortify your organization’s data protection practices with our cutting-edge training course, empowering your team to confidently navigate the complexities of GDPR and safeguard sensitive information against potential breaches.

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Step 2

Regular monthly reinforcement of GDPR, Data Protection, and Privacy principles over a year

Reinforcement learning is crucial in GDPR Awareness Training. It enhances memory retention, deepens understanding, and ensures practical application of data practices. Security Quotient aids organizations in delivering continuous reinforcement through micro-learning videos, infographic emailers, and games.


Micro-learning Video

Do you value your privacy?

Data Privacy Awareness Infographic


Data Privacy

Data Privacy Awareness Infographic


Data Privacy

Step 3

Surveys to gather learner feedback

Regularly gathering learner feedback is crucial to assess views and program acceptance. Security Quotient’s learner feedback surveys swiftly collect inputs, aiding in analyzing key success metrics.

Optional components

To extend the learner’s understanding beyond GDPR.

Data Privacy and Protection Awareness Training.

Course: Data Privacy and Protection

Data Privacy and Protection familiarises the fundamental principles of safeguarding sensitive data. To learn more about Data Privacy and Protection awareness training, consider exploring Security Quotient’s Managed Data Privacy and Protection Solutions.

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CCPA/CPRA Awareness Training.


Enrolling in the CCPA/CPRA course equips individuals with an extensive comprehension of data privacy regulations in European and Californian contexts. Explore Security Quotient’s Managed solutions for CCPA/CPRA to integrate seamlessly and converge valuable insights.

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