What sets apart security awareness training in the IT/ITeS sector as essential?

Security awareness training is of significance within the IT/ITeS sector due to the following factors:

To enhance employee vigilance and cybersecurity hygiene

Training promotes proactive reporting and best practices like regular password changes and software updates.

To secure sensitive data

In the IT/ITeS sector, the handling of sensitive data is frequent. Training ensures that employees grasp the techniques to protect this information.

To comply with regulations

Many IT/ITeS operations manage data subject to strict regulations, and training plays a crucial role in guaranteeing adherence to these laws.

To boost employee vigilance

Trained employees become more alert and proactive in reporting suspicious activities or vulnerabilities, thereby preventing threats.

To nurture a security culture

Training plays a role in cultivating an organizational culture that prioritizes security, turning it into a collective responsibility.

To bolster customer trust

Displaying a dedication to cybersecurity via training can increase customer trust in IT/ITeS services.

Step 1

Interactive Deep Learning for Enhanced Security Awareness in IT/ITeS

Start with engaging IT/ITeS-specific training courses in data security. Select from a range of options and seamlessly incorporate them into your LMS or dedicated platform with the support of Security Quotient’s Managed Services. Our offerings include personalized solutions tailored to your requirements.

Cyber Risk Awareness for Operational Technology (OT)

Cybersecurity Awareness for Software Professionals (Coming soon)

A personalized Cyber Risk Awareness training program crafted for software professionals, aimed at enhancing their knowledge of safeguarding sensitive data.

(Coming soon)

Industry Specific Security Awareness Training.

Cyber Risk Awareness for Non-software Professionals (Coming soon)

A training program on Cyber Risk Awareness tailored for non-software professionals, with a focus on safeguarding sensitive data.

(Coming soon)

Step 2

Prioritize Monthly Security and Data Protection in IT/ITeS

Reinforcement learning is crucial for Information Security and Data Protection training within the IT/ITeS sector, enriching comprehension and real-world application. Security Quotient offers continuous reinforcement using micro-videos, emails, and interactive games.


Micro-learning Video

How to spot a phishing email

Ransomware Awareness Infographic



AI powered cyber attacks awareness infographic.


AI-powered cyber attacks

Step 3

Learner Feedback Surveys

Gathering learner input is essential for program insights and assessment. Security Quotient’s feedback surveys collect valuable data for evaluating key indicators.

Optional components

To go beyond the comprehension of Data Protection and Privacy for Information Technology/Information Technology-enabled Services:

Course: Information Security and Cyber Risk Awareness (Recommended)

Course: Information Security and Cyber Risk Awareness (Recommended)

Enrolling in the Information Security and Cyber Risk Awareness course can greatly benefit those undergoing Information Security and Data Protection training in the IT/ITeS field by improving their knowledge of security practices. Consider Security Quotient’s Managed Information Security and Cyber Risk Awareness Solutions for optimal alignment.

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