US-based gamified courses on information security and data protection.

The Security Quotient offers deep learning courses in Information Security and Data Protection and customized solutions for integrating into a client’s Learning Management System (LMS) or dedicated platform.

Section 1: Cyber Threat Landscape

Information Security and Cyber Risk Awareness

USA users can now better understand the significance of security, identify cyber threats, and learn best practices for securing their information with our customizable Information Security and Cyber Risk Awareness course.

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The HIPAA course equips individuals to understand healthcare data privacy regulations comprehensively. Explore Security Quotient’s Managed solutions for HIPAA to integrate and gain valuable insights seamlessly.

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CCPA & CPRA (Coming soon)

The CCPA/CPRA course offered by Security Quotient provides individuals with a comprehensive grasp of data privacy regulations in California. Furthermore, Security Quotient provides seamless integration of managed solutions for CCPA/CPRA, allowing you to acquire valuable insights.

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Section 3: Data Protection and Privacy Regulations Around the World 

Data Privacy and Protection

The adaptable Data Privacy and Protection course aids ISO 27001 alignment by emphasizing the significance of data privacy and protection in daily routines, fostering a cybersecurity-focused workplace.

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Section 2: Introduction to Protected Healthcare Information 

PHI – Global

The PHI-Global Security Awareness Training course provides individuals with customized training to improve their understanding of protecting healthcare information.

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