Role-based training tailors the content to each specific job role, ensuring employees are aware of and prepared to mitigate the cybersecurity risks they are most likely to face. By focusing on each role’s unique cybersecurity responsibilities, training becomes more relevant and efficient. This approach helps ensure employees have the knowledge and skills to protect sensitive data and prevent security incidents. 

Cyber Security Awareness Training Solutions.


Equip your employees with the right cybersecurity skills with deep training empowered by gamified cyber risk simulations followed by regular Security Awareness reinforcements.

Role-based training

Senior Leadership

Drive informed decision-making among C-level executives with the latest cybersecurity trends and compliance requirements.

Senior-leadership training

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Role-Based Cyber security Awareness Training customizes content to align with distinct job roles, empowering employees to recognize and adeptly manage the cyber security threats most relevant to their specific duties.

Role-based cybersecurity training is crucial as it addresses the unique cybersecurity responsibilities and risks of each role, ensuring employees have the specific knowledge and skills to safeguard sensitive data and prevent incidents. By targeting the distinct threats each department faces, this approach effectively mitigates cybersecurity risks across the organization.

To explore our role-based solutions, please visit  senior leadership and end-user pages.

Implementing role-based courses in your organization can be done easily. You just have to select the courses that are aligned with specific roles in your team, like senior leadership or end-user training. Our Managed Services team will provide assistance with the setup, user management and ongoing support, ensuring a smooth and effective rollout throughout your organization.  

We have solutions categorized By Compliance, By Industry and By Region/Country based security awareness training services.

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