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Gain an unwavering edge in the BFSI industry by arming your workforce with our elite security awareness training course, tailored to the financial sector’s unique challenges and regulatory demands.

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20-25 minutes
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About this course

The course covers real-life case studies specific to the BFSI industry and the best practices for protecting valuable information assets. There will be an assessment at the end of the course. Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded a certificate as proof of completion.

Section 1: Cyber Threat Landscape


Section 2: Essential Elements of Information Security and Data Privacy

This section covers the key pillars of information security and the value of information.

CIA Triad

Data Classification


Section 3: Common Cyberattacks and Prevention

This section covers the most common cyberattacks and best practices to prevent them.

Phishing and its variants




Section 4: Practicing Information Security at Work

This section covers nine challenges based on real-life situations faced by employees in the banking and financial industry. Additionally, this section includes the recommended methods for safeguarding information assets.

Secure Access to Facilities

Safe Remote Working

Securing Access Credentials

Safe Internet Browsing

Safe Usage of Email and Collaboration Platforms

Safe Social Media Usage

Safe Usage of AI Apps

Safe Usage of Information Storage and Transfer


Section 5: Reporting Security Incidents

This section highlights examples of privacy incidents and provides guidance on reporting procedures.

Overview of Information Security Incidents

Examples of Information Security Incidents

Reporting Security Incidents


Section 6: Summary and Assessment

This section summarizes the key takeaways from this course. Also, an assessment towards the end to test the knowledge level and understanding.



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