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Boost your workforce’s cyber security awareness with frequent, non-intrusive, bite-sized learning, carefully researched to address the latest cyber trends and threats.

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Micro Learning Modules

Unlock the power of micro learning for security awareness to deliver essential knowledge in bite-sized formats, ensuring continuous learning and heightened vigilance within your team.

Infographic Emailers

Harness the potential of infographic emailers to deliver concise and visually captivating security insights, building a culture of ongoing awareness and equipping employees with the essential knowledge to protect against evolving cyber threats.

Benefits of Identity And Access Management
Phishing Powered By AI

Security Awareness Games

Incorporating gamified short modules into security awareness training introduces interactivity and engagement, transforming learning into an enjoyable and memorable experience. This approach not only captures learners’ interest but also promotes active participation, improving retention and practical application of crucial security concepts in real-world scenarios.

Millionaire Quiz
Crossword Puzzle


Priority updates triggered by cyber incidents

We take swift action in the face of cyber incidents, promptly sharing precise information and precautionary measures to empower employees for enhanced vigilance, protection, and effective response.

Designed with the non-technical user in mind

We make cyber security easy for everyone. Our materials use clear language, relatable examples, visuals, and real-world scenarios, ensuring everyone understands and applies essential cyber security practices effortlessly.

Engaging and highly visual material

We use compelling visuals and interactive elements in our training materials to engage the workforce. Our use of visuals simplifies complex concepts, focuses on concise messaging, and encourages active learning to enhance retention and engagement necessary for reinforcing critical security practices.

Easy to share via Teams, Slack and Email

Our training materials are easily shareable via Email, Teams, Slack, and more. Designed in common formats like PDF or PNG, they’re optimized for speedy transmission, ensuring accessibility across different devices and platforms.

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