When is it optimal to implement a short-term security awareness training program?

When resources or time constraints hinder the implementation of an annual security awareness program, opting for a short-term program proves invaluable. It provides a concentrated burst of training, swiftly fortifying defences and enhancing staff vigilance against evolving cyber threats within a defined timeframe.

Step 1

Select a gamified course

We recommend starting with the basics with either a comprehensive end-user security awareness course or a data privacy and protection course. Clients also have the flexibility to select courses from our portfolio and seamlessly deploy them on their own LMS or a private learning platform through Security Quotient’s Managed Services, offering customizable plans to match your needs.

Step 2

Deliver Security Awareness Nuggets

Reinforce and strengthen memory retention of key concepts by delivering micro-learning videos and infographic emailers. Nuggets deepen understanding of the topics, and ensures effective application in the context of data collection, storage and transfer. Security Quotient helps organizations deliver continuous reinforcement learning using micro-learning videos, infographic emailers and games.


Micro-learning Video

Data Privacy

Data Privacy Awareness Infographic


Data Privacy

Data Privacy Awareness Infographic


Data Privacy

Step 3

Learner feedback

At the end of the program, collect learner feedback using Surveys or Assessments. Security Quotient’s managed services help customers collect feedback using customized surveys.

Optional components

Gamified anti-phishing training.

Anti-phishing training

Anti-phishing training empowers employees to discern malicious emails and deceptive tactics employed by cybercriminals. By cultivating phishing resilience, businesses can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to phishing attacks and safeguard private data.

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