Security Features

Delve into the sophisticated security attributes inherent in our exclusive, client-dedicated training platform.

Dedicated VPC

Each client’s learning platform is hosted on a dedicated AWS VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) to ensure exclusive control.

Preferred AWS Region

Clients can opt for a preferred AWS region to meet their data compliance and regulatory requirements.

Strict Access Controls

Security Quotient’s internal administration team is given access to the VPC on a need-to basis following the principle of least privilege.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Security Quotient internally follows MFA for credentials configured to access the VPC or server.

Dedicated, Encrypted Databases

Every client database is a unique instance, and the data is encrypted at rest.

Single Sign-On

Clients can provide SSO-based access to their users with support for Office 365 and Google Workspace.

Firewalls and malicious traffic inspectors

The VPC and the servers are protected with network and host-based firewalls and malicious traffic inspectors.

Backups and Failover

Backups are taken on a daily basis and the platforms are configured for automatic scaling and failover.


The cloud environment is monitored 24*7 for anomalies and incidents and the platforms are regularly checked and updated with the latest patches.

Detailed logs and incident response

Detailed logs are maintained in order to facilitate investigations in case of an unforeseen incident or attack.

Need more security features?

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