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Unlike a SaaS, we’ll help you build a customized security awareness and behaviour management program by selecting the solutions you need and maximize value, within your budget.

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Role, Industry, or Compliance-specific employee cyber security training courses

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Training platform (LMS) in preferred AWS region


Dedicated Project Manager and Support Desk

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Why choose Build Your Plan over SaaS?

Build Your Plan

Alignment with Cyber Security Goals

Pre-defined plans may not align perfectly with your organization’s unique cyber security requirements.

Tailor your plan to your organization’s cyber security goals, compliance targets and client-specific security targets.

Precise training content

SaaS solutions usually provide off-the-shelf training content that may not fit the learning targets of your workforce

Build or customise training courses that align precisely with your learning targets, cyber security policies, job roles and data compliance regulations.

Alignment with Organizations Culture

Pre-defined SaaS plans are usually one-size fits all and may not fit your organizations culture.

Optimize your custom plan by aligning with company’ culture, adding brand and translating training to native languages.

Plan Customization

Limited or no customization. Plans are pre-defined with fixed features.

Complete freedom to customize your plan by selecting only the components you need.

Feature Utilization and ROI Maximization

Plans often include features that may never be used, leading to wasted resources.

Choose only the features you need, ensuring maximum utilization of your investment.


Scaling up or down may require switching to a different pre-defined plan.

Scale smoothly by defining a precise Scope of Work for your new requirements.



End-user cyber security training

E-Learning course, suitable for all employees, designed to develop essential cyber security awareness and skills using gamified cyber security simulations.

Role-specific cyber security training

Beyond essentials cyber Skills, role-specific e-Learning courses focus on job-specific cyber security Skills.
E.g. Executive Leaders, Data Scientists, Customer Data Handlers, Clinical Researchers etc.

Supplier & Vendor Cyber Security Training

E-Learning courses designed to train the workforce of suppliers and vendors to ensure that they understand and adhere to your cyber security requirements.

Just-in-time Micro-Learning

Short, focused, training modules, usually 2-3 minutes long. These modules are delivered frequently to ensure that cyber security training is continuous and to inform on latest threats.


Anti-Phishing Assessments

Customized, mock phishing attacks to test the phishing resilience of the workforce. Detailed reports are provided at the end of each assessment cycle to highlight phishing loopholes.

Cyber Security Behaviour Assessments

An online assessment featuring cyber risk scenarios to test the cyber security responses (behaviours) of the workforce. The output of the assessment is a detailed report that highlights potential cyber security behaviourweaknesses in each individual.

Cyber Security Culture Survey

Unlike a behaviour assessment, that tests specific cyber security behaviours, the culture survey identifies the perceptions and attitude of the workforce towards cyber security on a scale from positive to neutral to negative.


Behaviour Data Analytics and Dashboard

A dedicated Microsoft PowerBI dashboard to analyse cyber security behaviour data. The analytics service is included with Behaviour Assessments and Culture Surveys and as an optional add-on for Cyber Security Training courses.

By default Cyber Security training courses come with Learning Data Analytics. The Behaviour Analytics is a deeper analysis of Learning Data to identify weak cyber security behaviour patterns.

Premium Support (Included)

Dedicated Project Manager

An assigned manager who will be the Single Point of Communication (SPOC) for all project-related work including project planning, milestone definition, delivery, reviews, troubleshooting and updates.

Weekly project review meeting

The Project Manager will conduct a weekly review to assess the status of the project. The review will involve a client-designated representative along-with key team members from the Project Manager’s team.

Access to Project Management Dashboard

A Kanban-style board that enables our clients to track the status of every project deliverable and add comments for the Security Quotient team.

Training content customization (Add-on)

Customize the courses and assessments

Work with your dedicated team to add/ edit course content to align more with your security policies and goals.

Add branding elements

Make the training yours. Integrate your brand colors, logo, tone of language and more.

Translate to 27+ languages

Bring training closer to your workforce by delivering in native language. We always use native language speakers.

Training platform and support (Add-on)

Dedicated training platform (LMS)

If you do not have an LMS (Learning Management System), Security Quotient can provide a dedicated instance hosted on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud.

Preferred AWS Region for Data Privacy Compliance

You may choose an available AWS Region (e.g. Europe, USA, India, UAE etc.) if you must store data in a specific region. See full list of AWS Regions here.

Private Instance and Database (Optional)

You may opt for a private instance and dedicated database server instead of a virtual tenant if you need more control over data storage, security and compliance.

Dedicated Support Desk

Have a dedicated support team help you with instance management, course launch, user enrolment, sending reminders, generating reports and troubleshooting.

Committed SLAs (Service Level Agreements)

SLAs are defined as per client’s requirement with commitments made on uptime and response times.

Choose a convenient time, give essential details and our Solutions Architect will call to design your custom plan and provide a quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Plans, Pricing and Contract

Yes, we offer a free trial account that enables you to audit and experience our courses, micro-learning and assessments. Please sign-up here.

Our solutions are contract-based. Each contract is based on the “Build your plan” model that enables our clients to select the precise services that they need. This may include any or all of the following:

  • Training courses
  • Micro-learning
  • Assessments (Phishing, Behaviour and Culture)
  • Training Platform
  • Customization and Translation

SaaS models have pre-defined solutions with each plan. Our solutions are not pre-defined but rather defined by the clients, who may choose what they need and pay only for it.

Our pricing is based on the precise solutions selected by the client. This includes:

  • Pricing for courses, micro-learning and assessments
  • Effort involved in customisation and translation (if required by the client)
  • Training platform (if required by the client)
  • User count (if training platform is required by the client)

No. The “Build your Plan” model enables you to create a plan without worrying about user count. While creating your plan, we consider the current user count and any increases or decreases during the plan period to ensure that your services are uninterrupted.

Yes, you can. While defining the plan, we will consider future increases or decreases in user count.

No. Contracts are based on the services to be delivered. Hence, a contract may be as short as a month or as long as a year. Here are a few sample scenarios:

Scenario 1: Purchase a course directly from our library

This will be a transaction-based contract that may be fulfilled in a few days or a week.

Scenario 2: Deliver a customized end-user e-learning course

This may be a 2-month contract to design, create, review, update and deliver a course.

Scenario 3: Deliver a customized end-user e-learning course + provide a training platform for 1 year

This will be a 1 year contract with two deliverables viz. the course and the training platform as a service.

Scenario 4: Deliver 3 e-learning courses, 1 year subscription for micro-learning, 4 phishing assessments and a training platform for a year

This will be a 1 year contract.

All contracts have a clearly defined termination policy with an agreed-upon notice period to ensure ongoing deliverables are completed.

Courses, Assessments and Customization

End-user cyber security training covers essential cyber security skills required by the entire workforce irrespective of their job-roles.

Examples of essential cyber security skills are phishing detection, incident reporting, safe remote work, securing access credentials, configuring multi-factor authentication, detecting and reporting suspicious behavior, and secure usage of AI assistants.

Role-critical cyber security training covers the essential cyber security skills and goes beyond delivering training on specific cyber security skills required to perform a specific task.


For HR team: Secure data handling, storage, and retention from recruitment (candidate data), to onboarding (employee data), employment (performance appraisal, salary data, etc.) to exit (archiving)

For Data Science Team: Scrubbing PII (Personally Identifiable Information) before analysis, obtaining consent before using personal data etc.

For developers: Secure coding practices, Secure Development Life Cycle, etc.

Yes, the “Build your Plan” model gives you the flexibility to build the precise training courses, assessments and micro-learning content that meets your learning targets, cyber security policies, job-roles and data compliance regulations.

Yes. We have translated our content so far into 27+ languages. We will use native language speakers to translate the course content into any language of your choice.

Training Platform

We use the reserved domain name for our training platforms. Hence, our clients can get a unique URL, for example:

Or, our clients may define a URL of their choice, and configure the FQDN in their DNS. Our support team can provide the IP address for mapping.

Apart from the URL, the clients can customize the platform with their logo and to a limited extent with a preferred color scheme and login page banner.

If you opt for our training platform, we can host your training platform in an AWS region of your choice, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations specific to your region or country. This allows you to store your data physically within your desired location, such as an EU-based AWS region for clients in the European Union.

See the full list of regions here.

Sorry. This feature is not available because we run our own learning data analysis models on the platform. Our training courses are developed to align with the analysis models. Hence, externally developed content will not be compatible with our platform.