Cyber Security Training Simplified

Easily train and certify employees to prevent cyber attacks with custom-made courses, campaigns, anti-phishing simulations and more.


Gamified awareness courses

End-user awareness courses for employees, CXOs, developers, IT/ Cloud team and more.

Cyber Security

Data Privacy

Risk and Compliance



Launch tailor-made security awareness campaigns

Cyber Security Games, quizzes, phishing assessments and videos that cover a range of security awareness topics.

Cyber Security Games

Simulate real cyber attacks with gamified scenarios.

Security Awareness Videos

Tailor-made micro-learning videos for working professionals on the go.

Security Awareness Puzzles

Stimulate positive cybersecurity thinking through gamified challenges.

Training & Certification

Certify every employee on cyber security

Raise your organization’s compliance posture by implementing an internal cyber security training and certification program for all employees.

Deep localization

Adapt to the culture

Make Security Awareness training more acceptable for employees by precisely aligning to local cultural nuances and languages.

Customized security awareness

It’s your training. Make it unique.

Convey the importance of security awareness training with a custom-made program perfectly aligned to your organization’s security policies, brand and culture.


Realistic, friendly pricing

Unlike subscription-based solutions, with Security Quotient you pay only for what you truly need.

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Free resources

Latest infographics

Easily convey cyber security topics using a visual narrative.

Latest micro – learning videos

Short, precise videos that convey a cyber security topic within a minute or two.

Zero Day attack
Phishing, SMiShing and Vishing
Staying ahead of supply chain attacks

Latest advisories

Free cyber security awareness videos and advisories to share with end-users.

  • Data Protection and Privacy  

    Data Protection and Privacy  

    Data is a highly valuable resource for an organization. Organizations can enhance their reputation and customer trust by adopting necessary strategies for data protection. Existing data protection and privacy legislations …

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  • Ice Phishing 

    Ice Phishing 

    Ice phishing attacks on Web3 platforms occur because of the lack of awareness among the users. Human intervention in the cyber world heightened during the pandemic period. Joining the spike …

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