Help employees acquire responsible cyber security behavior.

Beyond security awareness, train and correct poor employee cyber security behavior with gamified training, anti-phishing and micro-learning.

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Security Quotient is for cyber security managers who care about training the workforce with deep cyber security skills in minimum time with maximum impact. Hence, we deliver deep, gamified cyber security learning experiences courses to develop positive cyber security behaviour, along-with anti-phishing training and micro-learning on the Security Quotient learning platform.

Gamified learning

Help employees acquire positive cyber security behavior

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Deliver security awareness round-the-year

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Secure and certified training platform


Gamified, deep-learning employee security awareness courses

The one mandatory cyber security awareness course for every employee built on gamified experiences. Built with quizzes, mandatory assessments and downloadable reports, you can satisfy stakeholders, auditors and regulators.


Build phishing resilience without attacking employees

Mock phishing attacks have a novelty value that wears off in time and may lead to employee demotivation. Security Quotient’s gamified anti-phishing simulations help employees acquire deep anti-phishing skills in a safe and engaging environment.


Deliver Security Awareness round-the-year

Small nuggets of security awareness, delivered frequently helps employees build an affinity for cyber security. All our plans come with 48 minutes of security awareness micro-learning, delivered over 12 months.


Scalable and secure platform, with training data analytics

The Security Quotient Training Platform is optimised to scale from 100s to tens of thousands of users. In addition, with training data analytics, you can make better cyber security decisions to reduce human-related risks.


Employees have finite time. Our plans understand that.

A smart cyber security manager asks – How much time can an employee spare on security awareness per year? Hence, our optimised plans deliver between 90 to 120 minutes of awareness training per user/ year.


Security Awareness by Role

Explore courses for multiple roles viz. end-user, senior executives, developers, DevOps and more.

Cyber Security for Leaders

With a deep focus on data breaches, impact and case-studies.

Secure Coding Practices

To train developers on best practices in safe & secure coding.

IT Security Best Practices

Train the IT team on industry standard security best practices.


Security Awareness by Compliance

Explore courses on Data Privacy, GDPR, HIPAA and more.

Data Privacy

Train employees to protect organisational and customer data. protecting your organizations data.


Introduce your employees to General Data Protection Regulation, the roles and responsibilities.


Learn what healthcare data is and how to protect data through HIPPA law.

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