Build a Cyber Security Confident Workforce

Behaviour-Focused Cyber Security Awareness Training Courses, Micro-Learning Modules, Assessments and Deep Analytics. Custom-made and hosted on a private and secure cloud instance for each client.

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Becoming a Cyber Security Competent Employee

End-user/ Employee Training

Get your employees equipped not just with Cyber Security Knowledge, but also the right Cyber Security skills with this behavior-focused training module.

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Cyber Security begins in the Board Room

For Senior Executives and CXOs.

An intelligently designed course for busy senior executives. Short, precise with real Cyber Security Attack case-studies impacting the business.

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Work Securely from Anywhere

For Remote Workers and Telecommuters.

An optimized training course that explains the risks and the mitigation actions to counter the cyber security risks while working outside the office.

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Cyber Security e-Learning and Micro-Learning Courses

Get your Cyber Security Awareness and Behaviour Management Program off-the-blocks with high quality, custom-made e-Learning courses and Micro-Learning content.

Private and Dedicated Security Training Platform

Launch, monitor and track security awareness courses with your own private, dedicated, cloud-hosted learning management platform, fully managed and supported by the Security Quotient team. Every client gets a private instance with full administrator control.

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Custom-made Security Awareness Training

No two companies, even in the same industry-segment, are alike. Then why should your Cyber Security Awareness and Behavior Management program be? Get your own custom-made, culturally aligned program with our extensive customization options.

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