Go beyond Cyber Security Awareness.

Build positive Cybersecurity culture.

Cyber Security Awareness Training by Security Quotient
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Cybersecurity isn't a product,

It is a culture.

The journey from Cybersecurity awareness training to positive Cybersecurity behaviour and culture may seem daunting. We understand and are here to help you.

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New course alert!

Cyber Security Awareness for Remote Workers

As a Cyber Security Manager you must be rightly worried about the sudden shift to remote work due to the COVID 19 pandemic. To compound your worries, cybercriminals are launching new attack tactics aimed at remote workers.

In light of these threats, Security Quotient is pleased to offer this special course - Cyber Security Awareness for Remote Workers to train your entire workforce, absolutely free.

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The Human Factor Full-Stack

Everything you need to deliver Security Awareness Training programs that drive positive Cybersecurity culture. Customised and tailor-made for each client.

The Human Factor Full Stack - Security Awareness training building blocks.

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Security Awareness Training

Immersive e-Learning Courses

Comprehensive Cybersecurity courses for end-users, CXOs and niche audience. Enriched with immersive 3D Cyber risk simulations

Security Awareness Training Course for End-users

Employee/ End-users

Security Awareness Training Course for Senior Executives and CXOs

Senior Executives

security awareness training for remote workers

Remote workers

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Micro-learning videos

Byte-sized courses with low cognitive load. Made for busy knowledge workers. Easy to retain and apply.

Infographic Advisories

Whether it is a Cybersecurity awareness month or to keep Cybersecurity awareness alive throughout the year, Infographic advisories are a powerful solution

Security Awareness Assessments

Measure the effectiveness of your Security Awareness Programs with quizzes and assessments.

Cyber Security Awareness Training Assessments and Quizzes

Integrated Assessments

Worried about learning effectiveness? Our courses come integrated with security awareness quizzes to test the impact of learning.

Cyber Security Awareness baseline assessments for employees

Cybersecurity Baseline Assessments

Is the end-user ready to face cyber-attacks? Evaluate the Cybersecurity competence of the workforce with baseline assessments.

Cybersecurity Training, Certification and Analytics Platform

Fully managed Security Awareness Training and Certification platform with actionable analytics.

Cyber Security Awareness Training Website and Learning Management System

End-user Security Awareness Certification

Proudly certify every end-user. Get your own fully-managed, dedicated, secure, cloud-hosted security awareness training, assessment and certification platform.

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Cyber Security Awareness Training Reports and Learning Analytics

Security Awareness Analytics

Dig down into end user security weaknesses. Get comparative Security Awareness reports. Analyse deeply with Security Awareness metrics.

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We build your solution

Your Cybersecurity vision and goals are unique. We understand. For more than a decade we have delivered custom-made solutions to clients in 23 countries across various industry verticals

Hence, when we work with you, you will begin from a clean slate. We will design and deliver solutions that fits your vision, goals and corporate branding guidelines.

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Build Your Solutions

Explore language options, simulations and more...

Cyber Security Awareness Training in numerous languages like French, German, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, Dutch and Arabic

Security Awareness in the end-user's language

Touch every end-user with security awareness. Translate training in the end-user's native language.

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Cyber Security Awareness Training using the principle of Learning by Doing

The power of learning by doing

Learning by doing empowers learners using the concepts of immersion, analysis and experience.

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We build your solution

Get your own fully customized Security Awareness training program.

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