We work to make your workforce Cybersecurity competent

At Security Quotient, we come to work every day to solve a critical problem for Cybersecurity managers; lack of Cybersecurity competence in their workforce.  While Cybersecurity managers clearly understand that end-user incompetence can be disastrous, their quest for answers often turns futile. Most solutions focus on awareness and not competence.

We want to change that.

Our mission is to enable Cybersecurity Managers to build a Cybersecurity competent workforce.

Building competence through immersive Cybersecurity training experiences

Competence is the ability to execute any task to a high degree of success. At Security Quotient we design Cybersecurity training modules that use the tried and tested method of “Learning by Doing” to build competence.

We use the amazing power of 3D design to implement the “Learning by Doing” approach. These interactive experiences transport the learner to simulated Cybersecurity risk scenarios. In order to solve these risks, the learner must analyze and take action, thus creating an outcome. Outcomes, whether right or wrong, build experiences. Acquiring experiences builds skills.

Blending Cybersecurity and Art

We consider ourselves Cybersecurity Artists.

The amazing power of creativity can transform a dry topic like Cybersecurity into a visually enriching experience. Every day our office is filled with creative designers, 2D & 3D animators, e-Learning designers, UI & Graphic designers and illustrators. See our work to experience our creativity.

Friendly, usable and scalable solutions

As an innovative and inclusive brand, our solutions are for any business that takes Cybersecurity seriously. By making our solutions available across industries, geographies and cultures, we have so far worked with clients from 21 countries.

Conscientious effort by our team has made our solutions usable and affordable. Our plans range from cloud-hosted models to customizable enterprise plans.

The brand and the company

Security Quotient is the Security Awareness and Competence management brand of First Legion Consulting (P) Ltd. First Legion was incorporated in the year 2005, in Kochi, India.

In 2008, when we were still a Cybersecurity Consulting company, we saw an opportunity to provide solutions that focus on security awareness. What started as a project to deliver a few flash animations, morphed into the brand “Information Security Quotient” and is known today as “Security Quotient”.

We operate from our offices in India, Dubai and Singapore.

The Management Team

Anup Narayanan.
Founder, Managing Director and CEO

Thomas Kurian.
Head of Security Awareness and Competence Management



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